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Kmart / did not get an item we purchased

1 Auburn, ME, United States

I was shopping with a client of mine on Tuesday the 16th. He had a purchase order from DHHS for household items. He purchased a bed in a bag from the Auburn KMART. When he returned home he realized they had forgot to put the item in the cart. He had quite a few items and needed two carts. The following day when I went into work my client informed me of the missing bed in a bag. I called the Auburn, ME Kmart and explained my situation and the lady was very friendly, but placed me on hold to speak to another lady. They said they don't know of anything being left behind and asked me for my number so someone could call me back. They never called me back! So I called and spoke to a third lady. She asked what the item looked like and went to try and find it, while i was on hold. She came back and said she thinks she found one like i t but it was a twin. I informed her that he had purchased a queen. She said i will hold this for you in layaway and you can just come in and pick one up that you like. So it's Saturday and i make a special trip to Auburn 45 minutes to pick up my clients bed in a bag and... once a gain got the run around. I explained to the lady at customer service who got the manager. He went to check layaway to see if the set was there. I happened to see the guy who cashed us out. I had a feeling he would remember us since it was his first purchase order and he needed help form another lady. They DO NOT give out receipts so I have no proof that my client purchased a bed in a bag. The manager went with me to see if we could find the bed in a bag. They were sold out of the exact one my client picked out. I asked if i could just grab one similar and the same price. He informed me that i could not. The only way to get another one is have my clients caseworker dispute it with Kmart. In the mean time my client is left without a bedding set all because it was never put into the cart. You would think if something was left behind they would hold it for you . I asked what they do with things left behind and they said it goes into carts and then put back of the shelfs. I was not very satisfied with Kmarts customer service. How hard would it be to look up the purchase order with my clients name on it. Also ask the staff that worked that night about a bed in a bag being left behind. Surely someone picked it up and returned it. I personally will not shop at Kmart again unless this gets resolved. I will also make sure our agency does not get purchase orders for Kmart.


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