Kingsdownkingsdown king mattress.

One side of the mattress has a 2 inch plus indent/ sag. The other side is 1 3/4 inch sag. My husband weighs 160, I weigh 90. My husband can't sleep in the bed anymore because of pain. My 14 year old son weighs 115 lb. He is in emergency rt now with back pain from sleeping on this mattress. We bought 6 mattresses from kingsdown so inspector came out today and refused to warranty the mattress because he said there was a stain near the foot of the bed that is not visible to the naked eye and no where near the indents. He told me before he looked at it if there is a stain he won't warranty the mattress. I video taped and photographed the "inspection". I am taking it to youtube, social media and all complaints boards. The warranty is the biggest scam.


May 16, 2017

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