KIA Motors CorporationI am complaining about service department

I bought my Kia Forte May 2018 the sales people and finance people were great. Two weeks after having my car some cracks developed in the console I did not take it in right away I waited until Saturday September 22 2018 so I can have my car serviced and have them look at the consol. The service people looked at it and said they would call me back on Monday September 24 2018 I did not hear anything so I called on Tuesday September 25 2018 they did not know anything yet said they would call when they did. I called them back about two weeks later Monday October 15 2018 they said they were waiting on there manager to let them know what to do about it then they proceeded to tell me the cracks were my fault I either split something on it or I used a harsh cleaner unfortunately I have no proof its nothing I did. So still have not heard anything I called back Monday November 19 2018 they said they would call me back so they finally did on Tuesday November 20 2018 to tell me they would not replace it. I will no longer deal with Kia and if I can trade in my car with a different car company I will not do business with this dealership again.

Nov 21, 2018

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