KFC / disgusting attitudes

Deepdale Retail Park, Preston, England, Lancashire, United Kingdom

This isnt the first time this has happened, But I'm usually one of those guys who brush it off and not worry about it.

But today I was made to feel like a child getting told of.

I was asked by my partner to pick up a 12 piece bucket after work (Which this is actually the first bucket that I've personally been in store to collect) So i went to the tills and ordered the bucket, doing so, My partner rings me (Which I find rude to answer the phone when dealing with a transaction, But I knew this was involved with the purchase), She wanted to get the bigger bucket, So I said fine and apologised to the cashier and say can i have the 15 piece instead.

To which he replied, "well next time can you make sure you know what your DOING before coming over to buy", Well that was it, Ive never been so embarrassed in my life, Even other customers noticed how rude and abrupt the cashier was with me.

Also, He doesn't let you speak, As soon as you go to the cashier, he says "Eat in, take out", then "pepsi, Diet pepsi, Pepsi max, 7up, Tango" etc etc. Leaving me either A - annoyed at what I see as aggressive behavior and B - Finding myself asking him to repeat what he has said, As it is said at speed I never knew man could speak.

Im disgusted with the way I was treat, And in all honestly could of punched the cashier he got me that angry.

Like I said, I wouldnt complain if it was the first time, But now its getting too much.

I hope you take my complaint with professionalism which the cashier, Obviously is lacking.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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