KFCdisgusting service

Good day,

I've had the most disgusting service from KFC Green point, Cape town. First of all the cashier was anything but friendly and helpful. At one point she just disappeared to the back of the store and stayed there for a good 5 minutes before returning and asking me to repeat my order only to get it wrong in any case.

The following happened at this 24hour KFC:

• We were informed there are NO CRUNCH BURGERS
• We were informed that they NO SIDE BREAST PIECES OF CHICKEN (Only leg and thigh)
• We were informed that they have NO WINGS.

When the customer behind us suddenly complained about the NO WINGS situation did she suddenly change her story to "how many wings do you want".

Finally when our order came there was a few things missing, no season salt and tomato sauce. a cool drink missing and the two mini loafs I received had mold on it.

This is when I asked to see the manager.

With my first words to the manager, the service is very bad this morning, the entire queue behind me shouted in agreement "Very poor service". This was because they had been waiting so long in this queue as the cashier had no sense of urgency of helpfulness.

With regards to the wings the manager informed me that they don't serve wings at break fast time so I told her that i disagree with this as any KFC sells wings at any time. For a 24 hour KFC they are supposed to sell wings and crunch burgers at any time. I've been to a few KFC's where i was served all these things at breakfast time.

She exchanged my Chicken pieces with the correct ones I wanted and the molded mini loafs with ones that didn't have mold but still looked stale. When we finally got to the eating part the food was very disgusting and unappetizing.

The dunked wings looked like it soaked in the sauce for a few days and the mini loafs had a sour taste and you could see that it was starting to mould. We had to throw most of food away as it wasn't edible.

I feel it is immoral for a brand like KFC to provide such bad service.

I am going to be very honest and say that I would like some sort of compensation or a refund for all the food. I feel like this disgusting food wasn't worth the money we spent at this store and in this day in age i feel it is my right as a consumer to get my money's worth. This disgusting experience and food wasn't worth my money

I would like someone in a management position AT HEAD OFFICE to contact me about this and not the store manager as I already spoke to her. If I don't receive any contact I will escalate this further.

Kind Regards
Jonathan Goliath

Jan 17, 2015

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