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Dear Sir,
Hope this mail find you well,
I am sending this email to you knowing that you care a lot about customer satisfaction, and since I was unable to find a place to submit my complain so please forward this email for me to the right place.
I already deal with all Americana restaurants and I enjoy the customer service especially on Tikka (the best Service ever, especially Khalifa Ma'moon branch)
I would like to share with you what happened to me on Friday, September 5, 2008 on KFC, Alexandria, Beside Stanly Bridge
• I want to have Iftar there with my family
• We made the order, and waited our turn
• I mentioned to the cashier person – as usual - that I need three meals "white meat" and one meal "red meat" and he told me to tell that personally to the person who will prepare the meal (this was very difficult of course as the place was crowded and every body was yelling especially that the staff were very slow)
• They were working manually as the screen wasn’t working
• They were very slow and confused, not organized at all, mixing between orders.

What happened was as follows:
• Two orders were after me and received their meal before me.
• I received the meal after 45 minutes from submitting the order (supposed to be fast food)
• The order was incorrect, as the person preparing the meal ignored me completely while I was begging him to listen to me to tell him about the red meat and white meat.
• He wasted time preparing another meal to me and when I blamed him saying that "you are too slow because you don’t listen to the customers" he replied saying " that is correct Madame" which was really provoking
• This person was the supervisor named "Islam Abd El-Shakoor", I am not sure of the name because no one was wearing name tag.
• I received the drink very hot and when I asked to change them with cold one, a lady named "Iman" -replied without looking to me- saying "wait" with a very impolite and provoking way.
• Since I was already very nervous from waiting and from the 1st provoking reply, so when I received the 2nd provoking reply I yelled at her asking for cold drink. She replied saying "that's what we have". (she could have calmed me down and offer another type of existing cold drinks)
• The meal includes "amar eldeen" (apricot) and they replaced it with "French fries" without taking our opinion and when I asked how could they replace desert with fries, Mr. "Islam Abd El-Shakoor" said "That's the way it is"
• Since no one were wearing name tags as I mentioned before, I asked "Iman" to provide me with her name because I will submit an official complain, and you will be surprised sir that she challenged me saying "do whatever you can do"

I am sure that you care a lot about customer satisfaction so please take an action regarding this incident especially that even the supervisor were a part of it.
Also You can send someone there to inspect and see their attitude and you will see more that what I narrated.

Thanks in advance

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  • Bi
      Sep 08, 2008

    Check out

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  • Si
      May 07, 2009

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to share with you what happened to me on Thursday, May 07 2009
    I am sorry but I did not get her name but she was taking our order and messed it up because she was talking on the phone and she did not ask us if we needed any thing to go with our food or if we wanted sauce with our meal and she forgot to put my meal becasuse she was on the phone and the quality of food was poorly prepared the food was over done also the kichin staff was yellen and hiting the walls

    I am sure that you care a lot about customer satisfaction so please take an action

    thank you
    from a first time

    at Cuyahoga falls oh

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