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KFC / bad customer service

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I went thru drive thru after picking up my daughter prom pre-k waited at least 7 minutes with no answer so I drove up lady by window saw me but still like that does not acknolegh I figure maybe she is still like that does not go nowwhere near the window so I drive up and park to go ask what is gong on and ask is anyone working right now and she said only dining room is open and I said you might want to put a sign up and she said we did well it was after she saw me and another lady behind me the old ladys name was Kathy and she said the managers name was Irony they were so rude and inconsiderate to us waiting and wasting our time if you have any questions please call me [protected] LILI the kfc was off of westgate/william cannon austin tx

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  • Ba
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    kfc are don't have good customer service

  • Ma
      13th of Sep, 2009
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    My husband and I were in the Wytheville Va. kfc on the Thursday the 10th of Sept.
    We ordered the buffet.When we got to the buffet there was no chicken on it. I ask the girl to bring some chicken out and she told someone else.It never happened. A couple came in behind us and the gentleman ask for so chicken. Never got it. He finally went to the cashier and ask for a couple of legs. She said she couldn't give him but one. That was all she had.The people behind the counter thought the hold thing was funny.I ask for a complaint slip and was told they didn't have any.
    This has happened 3 times to us. The first time was when they first opened. We figured they just wasn't organized yet. Then it happened again.
    same thing. No chicken on the buffet.We waited for 4 months to go again and the same thing again.
    This is a very poorly run store and needs some drastic fixing.I hope this letter brings some attention to the store. Maggie Campbell p.o. box 148 Rural retreat, va 24368 276-686-5409

  • Le
      7th of Dec, 2009
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    I ordered a hawian burger at 18:41 pm from a cashier (Mabusi), she took my order and told me i should give them 6 minutes to prepare the meal. when the time had lapsed i went back to collect my order only to find it was not ready. Mabusi asked me to give them a few minutes additional to this to have the order ready. At 19:16 the order was still not ready and that they had'nt even started preparing the meal as the fillets were frozen. I asked to see the Manager, she went for ages before she came back with some who was her Supervisor. Mabusi explained to her what had happen and asked her Supervisor to cancel my order without consulting with me on whether i wanted to cancel it. I told the Supervisor that i was not happy with their service in turn she strted shouting at me telling me its not her faulty that the employees who prepare the meals had not defrosted the fillets. i ended buying streetwize 2 who meant she had reserve the whole prior transaction and enter the new transaction. it turn she almost robbed me of my change. lucky i noticed this before i left the outlet.

  • Su
      16th of Jun, 2011
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    I've had to report such things on many occasions, I always try to praise good service but there have been times when I have been left fuming. Complain, and be as descriptive of the staff as possible as it'll be down to the individual shop staff,
    After what felt like 15-20 minutes, it was finally my turn. The cashier asked for my order and after asking for the celebration meal as (new meal and I love to try it),
    After that again I wait for 10 minuets and the whole raw took there meals I came and asked her nicely is my meal done or not yet and she replied back rudely (wait not yet) I saw my order throw the monitor blinking as it’s delayed and took forever to accomplish it. Sixteen minuets I asked her again and she replied the same. Then one of the staff stopped my meal order from the monitor system as its done, I told her that why it take all that time to prepare ready meal as it is only ( two pieces of chicken, two stripes, one cole slaw, one bread) then out of blue they give me my meal and again I have to remind her that I orders pepsi !!!

    This incidence happened in ADNOC station – KALIFA CITY ABU DHABI - KFC branch out there time and date (8:10 united Arab emirates time zone +4 / Thursday 16-06-2011)

    Cashier lady I don’t have her name but I am sure she is Pilipino nationality and she was the only one at that time, more over there is two cashier machines only one is active and the other one is closed ( I don’t know why – stuff members I saw more than six guys working together behind her.

    As food industry especially fast food category do you think 30 minuets is convincing time to wait for a ready meal although the chicken very cold and the rice as well, I throw the meal in the nearest garbage.

    Hopefully someone in the company who care about the reputation and customer satisfaction must take an action regard this matter in addition corporate business should be followed by code of conducts to carry on the good work.

    Waiting for your valuable action.


    Sultan Salam

  • Ha
      7th of Jul, 2011
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    visited the drive-thru on 07/05/11 at 17:48. I have visited the drive thru every other monday night since KFC started the 14 piece meal promotion. It is a great meal for my family. When I go I usually subsitute the coleslaw for the macaroni and cheese. I usually get charged an extra $1.00 or so for the subsitution.

    On this day I went thru the drive thru and requested the 14 peice meal promotion and asked to subsitute the coleslaw for macarani and cheese (as I always do). I was told "we cannot do that". I explained to her that I usally always go thru the drive-thru and order this way without a problem. I told her if she needs to charge me extra then she can. She then said "there is no way we can do that". She did not apologize. I then said what type of meal could I get that is comparable price where I could get the mac and cheese. She then said "look at the menu".

    I understand that if it is something that you can no longer do however customer service is important. The best way to tell someone would be "i am sorry we have changed our policy and can no longer do this, if you really would like the mac and cheese you can order ???? it is the same type of meal and you will get want you want".

    Instead she says "look at the menu", "we dont do that". The drive thru was not busy and I do not understand why she was so upset.

    When I got to the window I asked for the telephone number to complain she then said I will give you the number to our KFC and it our number. I became very upset. This was the WORST experience at a resturant. I was afraid to eat my food. I ordered the 14 peice meal without the subsitution but I got home and was terrified they spit in my food. It was not a good expeirence.

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