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KFC / order wrong

1 3rd St., Bloomington, IN, United States Review updated:

I've lived here 3 years and every single time I've been to this KFC (drive-thru) they've given me something other than what I ordered. At first I thought it was a coincidence, but now I think it is to save themselves money. I usually order corn on the cob as a side and instead they give me mashed potatoes with gravy. Three times I've tried to order the original recipe chicken strips - every single time they've given me crispy strips instead. I always complain and finally get what I ordered - but why should I have to make a scene? Instead I just eat elsewhere - but that annoys me because I like KFC food - but it isn't worth the hassle of dealing with a fight to get what I ordered. Their food is overpriced comparatively anyway - add poor service on top of that - I'm surprised they are still in business.

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  • De
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    check out

  • Zo
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    I'm sorry, but your complaint had me laughing out loud. It's not because I'm laughing at you, it's because we have the same trouble with all of our local Taco Bells, and lo and behold, KFC and Taco Bell are one and the same restaurant in our little town of Yelm, Washington!

    I do not eat KFC, but we love Taco Bell. However, every, every, EVERY time we order, the order is wrong! Dude, I mean every damned time. It's become a source of humor for us. I always tell my husband, "Remember that movie Waiting? And you and I were both waiters? Don't get snitty when you drive around to complain. These people are making our food."

    So, we drive around back through the Drive-Thru now, because park in the parking lot and check our order, every time, and we always politely say, "We got this, but we ordered this." And, sure enough, the worker will apologize and give up what we ordered. We say "Thank you." Then we drive home with at least one third more than we originally ordered for no extra cost.

    The good part of this entire affair is that because we've already touched our food and opened it, Taco Bell cannot take it back. We get free food all the time because of the mishap. I think Taco Bell does this routinely because all the food looks alike, it all has the same ingredients, and the kids working are so busy that they sometimes do not check as well as they could.

    Always check your order as soon as you pull out (and we live 15 miles outside of town, so to drive home and then check is no good), and be polite when you point out the problem. Use the Drive-Thru, you'll have a better chance of taking the extra food home. I know it may seem like a pain, but hey. Free food.

  • Nd
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    ha that's actually pretty funny to me too. maybe it's because i work there and i'm usually working the drive through as the order taker and cashier. we try our best there and especially when there are rushes which are nonstop on friday's and saturday's, and usually between lunch time and dinner time on any other days, everything gets a little messy and confusing for us because some people don't like to communicate. In the drive-through we usually don't have time to check the bags after people have said, "this this and this" is messed up because over half of the time when we do look, we find out that they are lying. in rushes we decide to just give the people what they want. and for you to take advantage of that, that's pretty rude. i do understand if you're order is wrong but at the same time i don't unstand how that could happen everytime unless you have confusing orders or are not looking hard enough. well i hope next time we get it right i guess. sorry about that.

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