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KFC / bad behaviour and service

1 United Arab Emirates

Dear ...

I have been a loyal customer of KFC for the past 5-7 years.
I have always loved you food and that is what keep me going to KFC all the time.

Now today 4/5/2013 at 3;30 pm, in Sharjah, Buhierah Corniche Branch, I went with a friend of mine to have lunch. after ordering my order i went to the washroom
to wash my hands. the floor was very wet and very slippery and i slipped and fell, slapping my back on the floor.

They DID NOT HAVE any notice stating wet floor and slippery floor and i layed down on the floor for a few seconds cause it was hurting me very bad.

i then got myself up and went to the counter guy named Haani (with the badge stating DRIVER - dunno why a driver is serving my food), and I complained to him about the floor, as i was also very angry that
i fell down. He didn't even care. he showed no remorse.
did not even apologies and asked me with the least of care - what was your order with an appalling attitude.
I was in fumes. then came the cleaning boy named Mohammed, whose responsibility is the cleaning of the floor. I went and asked him why didn't you put
one of those wet floor boards.
and he snapped back at me stating there was only 1 wet floor board and it was put at the entrance of the outlet ( where apparently It was dry when I walked in )
He did not even apologise for not doing his work properly, and did not even care that i was actually hurt in their outlet.

if this was an Arab, they would clearly behave very differently.

I manged to wash myself up and the floor being extra slippery i managed to get out supporting myself on the walls. I then met the store in charge along
with this guy named hanni.Hanni and the manager (who i have also seen in the Al Khan Branch) had a conversation about me, in front of me thinking i don't know Arabic.
and the manager asked him why am i angry
and this hani in a careless attitude tells the manager - this guy just fell on the floor and he is angry, like it doesn't even matter.
even the Manager did not apologise or even talk to me

Where is the basic courtesy of dealing with a a customer. If this was the US, I would have Sued them for this incompetent behaviour, as its against the safety rules ignoring the wet floor notice board.

I want you to talk to these people and teach them manners as to how to deal with a customer especially if he is angry because of the fault of KFC staff in their outlet.

If you check the CCTV footage you will be able to see the incident.
since the camera focuses where the whole event took place.


Jackson Jose

May 6, 2013

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