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Kentucky Fried Chicken / dm is a lier and the training manager is a idiotic smuck

1 7211 W. 21stWichita, KS, United States Review updated:
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I was told by the DM that i would go through training making 35000.00 a year, after training when i took over my store he would pay me the 38000.00, he then comes to me later and tells me that i have to run my store for 3 months or so before i receive 38000.00 a year, (lie # 1), and then tells me that i will only receive 35000.00 a year only if i put in 52 hours per week and i would only be paid by the hour, (lie # 2), which is not what he promised in the interview. Then he tells me that i will be paid for the Holidays, wrong (lie # 3) i am not going to get holiday pay nor am i going to get an additional day off the week of christmas because the manager and the DM are jerks and they don't want to let there free labor off if they don't have to. On to the next subject, my training as a manager consisted of learning how to cook for 5 days, which was fine then i got stuck on making mashed potatoes and working the cash register for over a week exactly 9 days, when was i supposed to be trained on how to open the store and it doesn't take but 1 day to learn register and 10 minutes to learn mashed potatoes, come on where is the rest of my training? So while in this training of the mashed potatoes i ended up having to call in because my daughter had 104 temperature, nothing i can control, then a couple of days later i had to take off 2 hours early to go pay my electric bill so they would not shut me off and my manager had put me on all days 6 days a week with only saturday off, so i had to take off to take care of this i had no choice, so then i told my manager and the DM that i would be more than willing to make up my hours but they were not having any of that either, go figure? Well the DM became enraged and said you are not to deviate from the schedule anymore while in training so you don't miss anything, again back to the mashed potatoes, what training i thought. So of course the impossible happened, my car would not start one morning and i was 10 minutes late, o my god all hell broke loose and i was fired and i had just been told by the DM's boss that this would not happen it did. Its just amazing that the DM would think that i deliberately did these things to get out of work and O he was also upset when i told the manager that i would like to have that tuesday off as well as christmas day so i could recoup from the 12 hour shift on Monday how dare i need to recoop and this is another company that does not want you to take any breaks what so ever and they do not have labor laws posted for the employees to see so they don't know about breaks and the DM had no clue about what the laws were, where did they get this guy? Amazing, what is it about company's today thinking that they can get away with not giving people breaks the laws were made for a reason to protect the worker so every one stand up for your rights and don't let them do this to yo. The law says for every 6 hours you work you are entitled to a 30 minute break but the 15 minute breaks are up to the employer to decide and if an employer says well if you don't take a break you will make more money don't listen, take your break. They will still keep you on staff because they need that full 8 hours of work out of you and they will get it one way or the other. SIGNED STOP LETTING EMPLOYER TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU! KFC does not pay well and they work you with out breaks and you pay for meals.

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  • Ma
      16th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    God, what a whiny little loser! I don't know how they stomached you for as long as they did. "Not my fault" "totally out of my control" "nothing I could do about it" "I had no choice" "of course the impossible happened"
    You probably had a lot more whining and a lot more pathetic non-excuses, but that was as far down the wall-o-text (ever hear of paragraph breaks?) I could get through without losing my lunch.

    Time to woman up and take care of your business! KFC did not impregnate you; it did not sicken your kid; it most certainly did not fail to pay your electric bill in a timely manner so you wouldn't be on the verge of getting cut off.

    We all have kids; we all have older cars; we all have responsibilities. I hope you aren't raising your children to be whining victims, either verbally or by these appalling examples. Time to woman up, handle your business, set an appropriate example for your children and get on with your life.

    Maybe one day you'll even respect yourself enough to refer to yourself with a capital I. Rather sad that you don't right now, but looking at this slop, it's easy to see why not. At this point, it's all on you, kiddo.

  • Pr
      24th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Wow. Maybe the manager pushed you out because he realized what a ### for brains you are. Funny, only took me two sentences to see it.

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