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Kentucky Fried Chicken / twickenham shop is terrible!

1 Twickenham, United Kingdom Review updated:

I am fed up of the KFC in Twickenham, it's the nearest one around here, there isn't one in Kingston where KFC continually advertise (maybe you should open up there!). I really enjoy KFC and always had a good meal except for in Twickenham.
The staff who are not of English origin (and excuse me for saying so can't speak it very well thus making orders almost impossible) are always harassing you trying to make you order more than you want which you don't get in the other KFC's I've been in and they're rude about it! Plus when you do order what you want they secretly try and make it larger behind your back then sting you when you pay then when you reject the order they shout you down and tell you to leave. You can never go in there and tell them what you want and get what you want without them pushing you, it makes it annoying beyond belief!

Today 24/03/08 I went in there, I was hungry but wanted something to tide me over till my evening meal nothing too large, so I ordered a regular popcorn chicken meal. Meaning I wanted a regular popcorn chicken, regular fries and regular pepsi. I ordered it and she acknowledged it (not before trying to make me go large). Well, then when she shouted to the guy over the counter for the popcorn chicken, she gave me a large pepsi and large fries and said "You have large fries and pepsi for extra 40p". I said I didn't want that and she said that it was a good deal again I said I didn't want it, I wanted it all regular she then tried to proclaim innocence and said "Sorry I didn't think you'd mind it". With that I just said forget it, give me the large fries and pepsi not without telling her if I came back again she best damn well listen to what I say.

At a previous visit with two friends we went in and all ordered the same meal, regular fillet tower meal. Again we got ruthlessly harassed to go large but we insisted we didn't want to. We got the meals as we asked. My burger was what seems in that particular restaurant the token "crap" burger with all the crap meat as opposed to the nice tender white meat you get in the other restaurants I've visited. One of my friends burgers was alright, nice white meat but they were stingy with the mayo. But my other friend had a diabolical experience. She likes to check her food first when she gets it from fast food places and good job she did as the burger wasn't cooked properly and was still pink on one bit. She took it back and showed them the uncooked bit and they "replaced" the burger or so they told us, on another inspection we found all they did was carefully remove the batter, cut away the uncooked part of the burger, replaced the batter to try and cover up what they did and gave back the burger! We all couldn't believe it! She took the burger back once again and told them that we knew this wasn't a fresh burger and all they did was get rid of the uncooked part. Then the abuse came from the staff, they refused to offer her a replacement and refused her money back. At this point we had, had enough. We hadn't really started eating our meals so we went to another place for lunch. If she had eaten that burger she could have gotten food poising. This is not acceptable and shouldn't happen!

Another complaint with this place is no matter when you go the fries are never cooked properly, they're always quite hard and they're always pretty much cold!

Also I've found it quite intimidating when sitting in there on your own. They are asian staff and if the restaurant is empty they play loud asian music and shout and sing. They even started clapping trays together at one point. Though I respect their culture and rights to listen to their own cultural music, respecting my rights to enjoy a meal in a respectable atmosphere is prime. And they didn't respect this at all.

This restaurant needs sorting out, it's all the staffs fault. If this place had good hard working staff that cared about the customers needs and cared about the food they were selling then it'd be a lot nicer to go to. I don't mind being asked if I want to go large but harassed into it and tried to be sold a bargain bucket when I only want Colonel's Meal is not right!

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  • Da
      4th of Jul, 2008
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    that was the most racist ridiculous complaint i have ever read on this website. congratulations. most people at least try to have legitimate complaints. omg, they tried to get you to buy stuff in the restaurant by offering it to you? geez, i hope it isnt their policy or anything to try to upsell...oh wait, it is...

    asian music as an issue, huh? personally i cant imagine a more offensive form of music to listen to than country, save rap, but many people insist on listening to that.

    the pink chicken thing...
    for them to actually do that would take a ridiculous amount of time... more likely they cooked a new piece of chicken then cut it open to make sure you wouldnt have any more issues with that piece.

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