Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / theft by the drive thru employee

Arlington, TX, United States

On Sunday 6/11 I went through the drive thru of restaurant #G135436 and ordered a mac n chz and a reg pot wedge. Got to the window and the Teanna told me "7.35." I said, " That's awefully expensive." She said, " yep." I said, " no wonder I don't go out to eat." She replied, "I don't even eat here." I handed her 8.00 and she handed me my change and started to hand me my receipt and said, "It's the wrong one. Yours didn't print out." and took the "wrong" receipt back. I said, "I'll wait for you to print out my receipt." She closed the window and came back and said, "They told me to tell you your fries are gonna take a minute they have to cook them." I said, "That's good cuz they'll be fresh." She handed me the wrong receipt and said, "Just take this one." I looked at it and it had Fill up box for 5.00 and 1pc chicken for 1.79 rung up. I told her that wasn't what I had ordered. Teanna said, "She rang it up like this to try and save you some money." I said, "Give me my money back and I want to speak with the manager." Bianca, the dishelved manager came to the window." She started to make excuses and cover for Teanna. I told her they were both liars; I was gonna call corporate and tell all of Arlington that they are theives. They started smart mouthing me and making snide comments to with me. I said twice, "What did you say?" They were two very mean, argumentative, disrespectful employees. I called them a bad name and Bianca slammed the window shut. I drove to the front of the store and parked and was going to phone the police department; to get my money. A young boy came out and handed me my money, which was folded in half, and said, "Here is your 7.35." I shoved the money in my purse. I pulled that money out today and it was 3.00!!! Not 7.00!!! So they ended up stealing 4.00 from me!!!

I have never been treated so rudely by anyone!!
I would like my 4.00 returned, as well as apologies by both employees.

Please please please someone from Corporate call me.

Thank you for listening,

Jun 12, 2017

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