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Last night (5th December 2018) we wanted to go and get KFC. We went to Soneike KFC as they were on our way home. We wanted to go through the drive through as we had our dogs with us in the car. When we got to the drive through there was a notice on saying that they have technical problems and therefore the drive through is out of order.
We then decided to go to KFC Protea Heights. When we got there, there is a notice on, saying that the soda machine isn't working, they only have bottled drinks.
So off we go again, to Brackenfell KFC. Got there, a bin was standing in the drive through. AGAIN, the drive through is out of order.
We decided to go back to KFC Protea Heights, as their drive through was working, it was just the soda machine that was out of order. We waited for an HOUR in the drive through before we got our food. Not because they were busy, but because everything was so slow. I mean, a drive through is supposed to be fast but the people inside of the restaurant got their food before the people in the drive through. We ordered two fully loaded box meals, and the Colonel burger was more bread than anything else.
The service is becoming pathetic.

Dec 06, 2018
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  •   Dec 10, 2018

    Not as pathetic as you. What does your dogs in the car have to do with anything here? You can't get up off your ass and go into the restaurant to order? Stop being such a lazy bum.

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