Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]monetary loss

I came to the drive-thru at Mansfield, TX location on 5/31/18 and ordered 3 #5 for a total of ~$16, gave the guy a $100 bill in exchange for my foods then drove off. I came back 2 hrs later and talked to the shift manager about the situation and hopefully we could review the tape or checked the cashier register so I can get my money back. He said the guy that took my order have already left for the day plus his cashier was balanced so nothing he could do about it, but he did ask for my number to report it to the upper manager about the camera which I gave him all my info.
Waited for 3 days and no one called me back, then I decided to write a report on the main KFC website. The next day the upper manager called me back. We were back and forth for 2 days and he came back with me saying that they reviewed the video and nothing they saw on the video indicating that I gave the $100 to the guy or if the guy cheated. I asked if I could see the video and if it shows that I'm wrong then I'm willing to apologize the store for wasting everyone's time and just drop this and walk away happy otherwise I just need my exact change back. He said he tried his best but another upper level manager would not allow him to release the camera or give my money back. I am not happy with this at all. All I wanted was proven I'm wrong or give my money back because telling me they couldnt see anything on the video is to avoid working with unhappy customer...and they're willing to lose a good honest customer. Very disappointed!!!

Jun 06, 2018

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