Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / management

Lubbock, TX, United States

I am a mother of a employee, for some reason my daughter wanted to make a career with Kfc. Been working there for around 10 yrs. Since high school . Well lately her manager Christina has been all on her case for everything. Has even suspended her resently, and basically told her she is going to fire her .. I have tried to tell her to get out of there and stop wasting her time with this company. No hours to live, 23 to 27 hours a week, who can live off that, there are alot of kids that are still in school working there that get more hours. I know most people would not make a career with fast food but you can not have kids running stores or be in management. Someone has to do it. And my daughter for whatever reason has loyalties to this awful manager Christina. I do know my daughter and i do know she can have attitude from time to time, who don't, but how in the world is she suppose to be happy working with a bunch of kids on there cell phones and chilling instead off working and when she goes to this manager and tries to talk to her about it she takes these kids side. When my daughter has worker under this manager for years and knows she works hard. My daughter did finally leave once and had a ok job getting 35 to 40 hours a week, when this lady Christina called her and asked her to please come back. This company should take notice of long time loyal employees and make sure they are taken of.. no one can live off crappy hours except kids living at home.. The adults you have should be treated better by the company and by your managers.. I do not live in lubbock tx but do come often and always try and stop in her kfc, we don't have one where i live, and have seen with my own eyes the crap that goes on in this very busy kfc with alot of kids working. Kfc needs to learn to take care of there loyal employees.

May 3, 2017

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