Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / i'm complaining due to purchased food not received

Hoffman Estates, IL, United States
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I went into store located at 1030 N Roselle in Schaumburg Il. I purchased a dinner, when I got back to work, I realized chicken was missing & my mashed potatoes. I called the store & spoke with Maria, she informed to come back to store. I explained to her, I was on lunch break & my break was over. Her store is 15 minutes away. She apologized stating that a new hire prepared my order. I told her I'm not going to waste gas or take off work to come back to store. I told her this is totally unacceptable & very unprofessional. Maria then told me she would refund my credit card for the sale & place my name on a list and to ask for manager when I come to get refund. I went into store yesterday, waited for manager for a half hour to tell me she couldn't find my name. Spoke with Minnie, who informed me she called Maria & she didn't remember me. I was very upset at this point. I asked for corporate office number & she states we're privately owned and there is no corporate number. She gave the area managers number. Alyssa [protected], called her 2 days ago and still no response at all. I work hard every day, with no need to still anything from anyone. But I refuse to pay for something I didn't receive. I will be filing a compiling with the attorney generals office & my credit card company. If this is not resolved. Customer Service is horrible at this location..From management and employees. My phone number is [protected] cell

Denise Williams

May 6, 2017

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