Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / did not get what I ordered

cedar springs sc, United States
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we went to kfc in cedar springs sc, my husband ordered 2 pc breast extra crispy, when he told them his 2 sides, the told him he only gets 1 side with a 2 pc, but did give him his 2nd side, again told him extra crispy. i ordered 2 pc breast extra crispy setteled for 1 side, made sure both were ex crisp. got order my husbands was correct, but mine was not extra crispy and the smallest breast i ever saw.when looked at receipt my husbands order did not show it as ex crisp. my order showed ex crisp with 2 sides charged me $1.1ee e9, i only got 1 side.everyone else that came in got 2 sides with a 2 pc what is the deal...several people were getting upset and walking out.we came to this store abt 3 days prior, walked in noone in lobby, stood at counter for a little bit, employee came from the back looked at us got him a drink and went back, did no say anything to us so we left.this is the 4th problem we had from this store.something needs to be done or this store should close down to poor management.wish someone from corporate would contact me [protected].

May 14, 2017

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