Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / chicken, employees

Ordered $56 worth of food for my family only to get called a [censored] and my food thrown in my face at the drive thru by the manager along with [censored] water being shoveled out the door NASTY chicken wasnt cooked all the way it was so soggy got a family meal chicken was super small never asked if i wanted original or crispy just gave me what she wanted she had No teeth in her mouth clothes was so dirty amd she is a manager she looked like she was Hi off drugs the store was so hot inside had alot of flys in the store and No soda only water the back door is always wide open so when u go thru drive thru u can look right into the store and OMG after people see the way the back looks they leave the drive thru this store is beyond NASTY NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN OR BETTET STORE MANAGER THEY JUS DONT CARE THERE REVIEWS ARE TERRIBLE went in the next day to speak to the higher up boss only to find put that she jus started and told me to come back in 30 days to get my replacement food i dont want my food replaced i want my money back I WILL NEVER EVER EAT THERE AGAIN I THREW all my food out wben i got home cause [censored] water then the attitude then my food thrown at me called a [censored] who even trusts the food after that not me wasnt given that nasty chicken and super duper small biscuits to my kids the biscuits got super small i think they are cutting corners on that one needs to be looked into trying to stretch the stuff or not ordering the food for the store the right way she was a white skinny chick and her daughters work there also and was throwing [censored] out the window like what kind of customer service is that im too done with this store i dont ever want anything from KFC again not a good experience at all then reading all there reviews they all say the same thing nasty store rude employees chicken not cooked right would like to be compensated for my food i dont want a replacement its Nasty and wait 30 days for What i spent $56 on food and the service was bad and the food was bad said they couldnt give me my money back [censored] i will get a attorney if i have too i will not have my food thrown in my face i will not be called a [censored] by a manager at all please feed back will be Greatly Appreciated [protected]

Jul 27, 2018

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