Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]bad customer service & food quality

About a month ago my husband ordered a 16 piece all white meat meal and one of the breast was to be extra crispy along with several side items.. end up sending around $40+. When he gets home and we sit down to eat all the chicken is extra crispy (which most of us don't like) a few of the sides were missing. He immediately called up there and spoke to a "so-called manager" Stacy whom was rude and several times told him if he didn't have a receipt wouldn't do anything about the order being messed up and called him a liar. Well first it would help if the receipt was placed in the bag and secondly I've worked for YUM Brands in the past and the way he was treated over the phone would have really been terms for termination.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Forest Lake, MNI ended up getting on the phone as he wasn't getting anywhere I informed her that this situation will be addressed and she did finally agree to take down my husband’s name and replace the chicken- somehow the sides were never spoken about and at that time I was over the whole thing! So last evening I decided I'm tired after a long day and would take advantage of not having to cook and when I got in there it was busy for dinner rush she (the same lady from the phone can recognize her voice and language) asked us all to wait a minute which ended up being 3 minutes but again was patient then when she asked why I was there I explained the situation she immediately asked if I can wait until she takes care of the others behind me- I said NO we are in this situation because of bad service and you want me to wait- again she just doesn't have a clue and I'm still unsure how she has this "title" which I still haven't been able to confirm yet she is then very irritated and starts walking to the back of the store then screaming something about needing a receipt or the chicken back I yelled back that I'm not going to have this discussion again with her were a customer (must have been a friend of hers because ensure why else he got involved) gets involved and we exchange a few words. She then comes up and states it will be right out as I’m noticing the person placing the check in the box is adding all this dark meat when I specially said it’s all white as I’m watching this and getting even more angry the manager and this male customers start talking about how I’m just trying to get FREE food and that she is always dealing with all these kinds of people wanting handouts I will be very honest it took every single part of my dignity and self-respect not to grab that chicken and throw it at her but I told her “she can keep the chicken and I will be notifying your corporate office” she states oh that’s good my name is Stacy as I walk out the door. I have never been so humiliated in my life. I will never return to this location ever again and I mean ever and truthfully if I don’t get a call back to find out there was some disciplinary action was taken against this store manager “Stacy” I will never visit any KFC.

May 19, 2017

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