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Kentucky Fried Chicken / terrible service!

1 South Africa Review updated:

My husband and I wanted to buy take aways from Kentucky Fried Chicken in Centurion (South Africa) yesterday, 2 February 2008. The employee touched our food with her hands, after cleaning some of the tables and touching customers money with her hands. Needless to say, we decided to leave. She was offended and very upset when we indicated this to her. The management of Kentucky Fried Chicken in South Africa need to apply effective selection and recruitment procedures and train their staff properly. This is not the first time I have made a complaint and am surprised that South Africans still support KFC. We are satisfied with substandard service and tolerate employees that get cross with customers when they perform poorly. In order to make South Africa a better place and in order to teach my fellow South Africans high standards, I will continue to make complaints, until we get it right.

Cecilia Denton.

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  • Ca
      18th of Dec, 2007
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    At the dinner hour I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken on Silver Spring & Lovers Lane in Milwaukee to buy some guess what, chicken. Would you know that they didn't have chicken! not even the original chicken. Imagine, no chicken at dinner time at a chicken restaurant. Maybe the store was crowded, ah maybe not, there were no cars in the parking lot. I thought McDonald's was bad when they didn't have egg mcmuffin at breakfast time. Do you now have to call ahead for reservations at fast food restaurants...

  • Ma
      18th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    Have allways had very bad experiences. Say I will never go again, then some time later i give it another go cos I like the taste. Icompetent, run by ametuers, rude, insolent, filthy, uncaring, etc Chikens dont like them either and I like chikens so in future I definitely will not be going to a KFC and that is definately my last word.

  • Hb
      13th of Mar, 2008
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    Please do not place this on the web. This complaint will embarrass my wife.

    My wife doesn’t know I submitted this complaint, she won’t forgive me. My wife is very soft spoken and just except the consequences coming her way. She’s the most loving person.
    Dear Sir / Madam, for the past 7 years I’m bedridden and cannot walk and for this 7 years my wife were looking after me 24/7 and never complains. She will get up, get herself ready for the day, making breakfast for me and see that I’m washed and she will put the food together for the rest of the day especially for me. At 07h30 she leaves home for work in Midrand. Her day ends at the office at approximately at 17h00 but sometimes she will work till 18h00 or 18h30. She will get home at 19h00 or 19h30. Then her whole attention will be on me for about an hour. During this time she will be between the bedroom and the kitchen making dinner. My wife’s day ends at 23h00 or 23h30. Her days never end not even on weekends. During the week when my wife works I have a nurse looking after me but on weekends I do not have a nurse to look after me then my wife take over that function. For the past 4 to 6 years, my sickness took over the household.
    On her way home my wife will stop at Kentucky Fried Chicken drive through in Centurion to buy us food on Tuesdays nights. Tuesdays is our quality time night when we spent together and then she will sit with me and enjoy all her programs on TV. She would buy extra food so that she does not need to make for me food the next day (the nurse eats out of the house). She would buy the following: 8 X Chicken pieces, 2 X Large Mash and Gravy, 1 X Large Gravy, 2 X Zingers, 4 X Small Loafs Bread and 2 to3 different Large Salads.

    Sometimes you will find 1 X Large and 1 X Small Mash and Gravy and or only Gravy and 1 X small Mash and Gravy, 1 X Chicken piece not there. Sometimes she would replace the Chicken with Hot Chicken Wings and will be a shortfall of chicken in the box. The order will change every week given to my wife but she will pay the full amount as per above order. Every week she will complain to the cashiers or request to see the manager. As she complains they just pull their shoulders up and say if the order is not correct come back immediately.

    Sir / Madam at 19h00 the Nurse looking after me, leaves the house once my wife arrives at home, my wife can not return back to Centurion to rectify the order from Pierre van Rynevelt. She cannot leave me alone I need constance supervision. She is the only bread winner in our house, we cannot drive up and down or pay extra time to the nurse to look after me while she short out the food she bought from KFC. Please help us in this matter.

    H B

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