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Kenmore/elite 25 french door refrigerator / poor cooling, black mold

1 16011 Sierra Vista DrHouston, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 281-879-6870

Around 5/15/2015 we placed a service call for water "leaking" on the sides of the water/ice dispensing area. The water was not emanating from the chute area. Service was scheduled for 5/28/2015. Later that day I decided to look into the dispenser and I noticed heavy black mold (picture 1 called "Original"). We stopped using the ice and water dispenser.
On 5/25/2015 we experienced poor cooling with temperatures ranging from 50 to 65 degrees. Most of the food in the refrigerator was discarded for obvious safety reasons. This is not the first time I have placed a service call about temperature problems (this would be the third or fourth time I think).
5/28/2015 repair arrived. The tech explained to me that there was not a leak but condensation building up on the inside of the panel that covers solenoids and wires. He told me that condensation was coming from the wire bundle on the left (picture 2, cover removed). The solution is to place putty around the wire bundle. I can see that this would prevent moisture from escaping into the area in question but it does not solve the problem of condensation in the first place. I wonder how much mold is inside the refrigerator that we can not get to?
Parts have been placed on order for the cooling problem (overhead light which contains a sensor. This was replaced earlier as well, and the evaporator cover which also has a sensor). I am getting tired of placing service calls for temperature problems.
For the black mold I was handed 2 parts to clean. The tech tried to clean up the black mold that was still on the refrigerator itself. I asked if he could remove the part that holds the dispensing tube in place. He said that was not removable (I assume the dispensing line is part of that assembly). The last photo shows what I currently have after service (photo entitled "finished").

If one does not get rid of all mold then it will just come back. That is a guarantee. As you can see there is still black mold. I will not be obtaining water or ice from this area anytime soon. Two things need to happen with the mold problem. First the reason there is condensation in the first place needs to be addressed. Second ALL sections of plastic, solenoids, connectors, tubing, etc need to be replaced. There is no way all of the mold will ever be removed! The mold will just keep coming back. Basically the refrigerator is worthless to me at this point. The next service call it to replace the sensors (scheduled 6/5/2015).

I have been using Sears for decades but I am now starting to reconsider. I am not sure that Sears cares about the health and safety of their customers.


Kenmore/elite 25 french door refrigerator
Kenmore/elite 25 french door refrigerator
Kenmore/elite 25 french door refrigerator

May 28, 2015

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