Kenmore Dishwasher / terrible product and service

Fairfield, CA, United States

I remodeled my kitchen with all new Sears Kenmore appliances. My dishwasher has a 5 year warrenty and after less than 3 years has started to break down. I made 4 service calls in less than 3 weeks. Each time a different part was replaced but my wait time in between repairs was at least a week. I complained after the 4th visit when the tech told me that the parts were on back order and I called to request a replacement dishwasher. Sears repair department approved a dollar amount for replacement and ask me to go into the store and pick out a new one. I have received now 3 calls in a month rescheduling delivery for the new dishwasher being on back order. Its it nearly 3 months that I have had a broken dishwasher and no replacement but Sear has not offered to waive a payment or anything for my inconvience. I AM VERY UPSET AND WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING EVER AGAIN AND WILL MAKE SURE I SPREAD THE WORD!!!

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