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cracks in liner

(12/06) We bought a Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator 106 [protected] and discovered cracks in the liner(5/08...


Kenmore Elite appliances are the worst. We spent $10, 000 on four appliances...refrigerator, stove...

Resolved service support for a $1600 fridge 17 months old

We bought a Kenmore Refrigerator model#[protected] approx $1600 in February 2007 along with a stove, dishwasher, and built in Microwave. I had repair man from another company come and take look the ice dispenser and he diagnosed the problem and called to get the part and they could not get it. He suggests I call Sears directly and have them come out. I called Sears to try and get a cost on the part which is the Housing Dispenser. They say they can not sale the part because it has to be installed by Sears, I said fine and asked for a cost, they also did not have this information. He gave me the number for Kenmore [protected] which then leads me right to the Sears Service people in which I have talked to extensively. They want to charge me $70 dollars to come out and diagnose the problem and if they are unable to get the part or fix it then I am out my money. Second I have requested that they bring the part which I have told them what it is when they come and they say they cannot do this. They have offered me the 1 year limited warranty which is $250 but if the cannot fix they will give me $500 so now I get $250 of credit to buy another refrigerator. I am still out of a $1600 refrigerator that cannot be repaired after 17 months. I find that neither Sears nor Kenmore can stand behind what they are making if they are unable to repair something for $250 or give me the same product or an equivalent. The $250 is not a good option considering the money that has already been spent renting a refrigerator for $100 a month. I have now been on the phone for over 2 hours with no resolve. I have also been on hold for 41 minutes to talk to a supervisor. I think you may have lost a customer who thought Kenmore and Sears had a good product and service.

terrible quality product!

Kenmore range-- do not buy another range from any sears store!!! Mine is just over a year old the oven has been used just 6 times and the control board that runs the whole range has code f1-e1 meaning the board is junk now they will sell ya a new board for just $300 now that may not be much to some people but come on i can buy a cheaper model from another store for what they want just for the part to fix this piece of junk and i am not the only one if you look. There are many many people having the same problem with the same control board and they will not fix the problem!!! Even if it is a defect you must pay for it all yourself!! I will never buy another thing from any sears store.as long as i live!!!

  • Ka
    Karen Neel Jun 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the exact same experience with a Sears Elite range. After less than 3 years of use - got an F7 error code and the repairman said I needed new control panel. Cost from Sears just for part(control panel) $493. I found the part for $307 elsewhere. Once you add the $65 fee for Sears to come out to my house the first time, then the $161 labor to install the part- the total to repair this range was $533. This is not counting my time off work for the repair (2 visists)or the 11 days of eating out as we had no way to cook. I paid $1, 600 for it and got less than 3 years use. Please do not buy Kenmore products- their quality has gone down the tubes.

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  • Ba
    Babs Wright Jul 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We got the same F7 code. When I called Sears to arrange service, I specifically told the service center what code I had and asked for a general ballpark figure to fix it. She said a service man would have to look at it. Fair enough, I thought. So for $75 plus an added $5 for gas (the service center failed to alert me to the new gas surcharge), the service man came to my house and when I told him about the F7 code he didn't lay hand nor sight of eye on my oven and told me it would cost over $500 parts, labor and year warranty to fix it. So, not only do Kenmore appliances fail, Sears call service center does do.

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  • Ar
    arnieg Aug 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A permanent fix for the F7 error problem was developed by Charlie Popeck, a professional engineer. It involves inserting a piece of paper between two ribbon cables to eliminate the possibility of short circuit between the two cables. The 30 minute procedure is described (including photos) at the web site


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sears customer service

I'm disappointed with the Sears Service. It is the second time I’m having this experience and...

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popping sound stove top!

I bought a Kenmore stove in February 2007. At the very first use of the large left side front burner...

washer leaks during wash cycle

My front-load machine would leak whenever I would wash a load of clothes. We scheduled a service call in...

sears will not replace lemon

We have a Kenmore Elite 3 door refrig purchased from the Great Indoors. It has been serviced 5 times ..3...

service/repair dept.

I recently experienced a problem with my front loading washing machine. We removed the suspect part and did...

heater comes on even when oven is turned off

We bought a Sears Kenmore Oven about five years ago. Today, I turned the oven on to preheat so I could bake cookies. After baking the cookies at 370 F, I turned off the oven. After few minutes, I opened the oven to remove the cookies and realized that the top heating element was red hot with the oven very hot and the cookies burned out. The only way to get the coil to stop heating was to unplug the oven from the outlet. This has happened a couple of times. When I contacted Sears I got no response since I did not have warranty. I believe this is a defective product that should be recalled before a more serious problem occurs.

  • Br
    brooks4288 Jul 09, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We had a new house built and i was glad when i found out that they put Kenmore appliances in (Range, Dishwasher, Refegerator, and Washer, Dryer) Because That is all i used until now .We turned the oven on and ten we started smelling a burning wire smell. we stopped using they oven and called sears and they said it was out of warrenty but would send a tech out to check it for the normal fee . It has a 1 year warranty it is 3 months out of warranty !No Help at all so i ordered a lower element to replace and that did not fix they problem . I have not been able to get anywhere .

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  • Br
    brooks4288 Jul 10, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    from purchase not install ive been in my house less than a year !!!

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  • Ch
    Chicken Legend Guru Jul 10, 2013

    I do not trust Kenmore appliances. Their dryers will not dry my chihuahuas and instead keep killing them. The last one was still wet when it died! They are junk.

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Resolved kenmore refrigerator causes house fire

We own a rental property where we had a Kenmore refrigerator, which we purchased from my daughter, in that...

discoloration between burner and stove top!

I purchased a Kenmore electric oven / range about 5 years ago. I also purchased the appliance insurance to cover any repairs that may have been necessary. Approximately 18 months ago I started to notice discoloration between the left front burner and the stove top covering. I contacted the sears representative and upon speaking with her she told me that I may have put a heavy pot on the stove. I explained that I am 72 years of age and I do not lift heavy pots. Sears refused to send any repair man to look at it and said I had to pay for it.

I called on several occasions in an attempt to have someone check my appliance. Each time I am denied a repairman. Several months after this incident I was contacted by a Sears representative to renew my appliance insurance. I explained to them that I will renew the insurance when they come to fix my stove.

Because of this poor treatment I no longer shop at any Sears stores.

  • JKWilliams Jan 11, 2015

    Not a "heavy" pot...a WIDE pan is what they said. Yes, a pan with a reflective metal bottom, that is a lot wider than the burner, heated hot enough, can discolor the surrounding stove top. My cheapo 16" aluminum-clad frying pan actually discolored stainless steel.

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I purchased a kenmore 800 dryer in December 07. The buzzer would go off but the clothes were still all damp...

bad quality product!

I have a Sears Kenmore Gas Range Model 790 which we purchased end of 2005. I just used the self-clean option for the first time last night. (I wipe the oven quite frequently & place foil-covered pan under items to catch drips). I went into the kitchen after a couple of hours and found that the knobs for the stove had melted... one is unusable and two others are barely usable.

My warranty has expired & Sears is unwilling to replace these knobs at no cost to me. There is nothing in their manual that warns you to remove the knobs prior to using the self cleaning feature. The Customer Service rep was frantically trying to find something in the manual to say that but could not. I do not feel it should be my responsibility to pay for something that they built improperly. Either the knobs are not made to withstand the heat or the venting is in the wrong place. They will not budge at all & after reading so many complaints tonight about their lack of service, I am feeling very defeated. Obviously, Sears does not take pride or stand behind their products.

Resolved defective refrigerators

I purchased a Kenmore side by side refrigerator from Sears on NOV 2002. On 01/20/08, 1:30 AM my daughter wa...

lies & confusion

December 27, 2007

Sears Corporate Offices
3333 Beverly Rd.
Hoffman Estate, Ill 60179
Tel: [protected]

Kenmore Power Miser 9 Gas Water Heater
Phone of purchaser: [protected]
Model: [protected]
Serial: [protected]

Dear Supervisor,

This is a follow-up letter to my December 8, 2007 (copy enclosed) that I sent you certified mail and you received on December 14, 2007. For the record, one of your employees at the above number refused to give me a supervisor’s name today at 1:30pm because “they all were in a meeting.” No problem, I sent this letter certified to you as well as copies of voicemail messages by Sears Repairs and Complaints employees, and a copy of my 12/8/07 letter to you.

Enclosed is an authentic CD recording copy of a message left by Dave [protected]), a Sears Repair Installer at 7:46am on December 8, 2007 who reports, “…I am scheduled to come out and repair your water heater today...”

Dave never showed, so I paid for a new water heater and installation from one of Sears’s competitors and sent you the bill for reimbursement of $625. Furthermore, Sears Repairs employees created confusion by having me engage in numerous contradictory reports in effort to avert Sears Repair staff from honoring Sears Warrantee on the Kenmore Power Miser 9 Gas Water Heater (as outlined in my 12/8/07 letter to you).

Enclosed is an authentic CD recording copy of Chris [protected]) from Sears Credit Complaints at 6:34PM on December 18, 2007, who reports that the above water heater is under Warrantee for a replacement, but not for installation. Chris further states, “…Since you chose to go with somebody else, installation and the unit will NOT be reimbursed by us…you can have them process you a replacement water heater…as a back-up…”

FIRST, SEARS REPAIRS STAFF (DAVE) DID NOT SHOW AS PROMISED. SEARS (CINDY) PROMISED SHE WOULD SEND AN INSTALLER OUT SEVERAL DAYS LATER AFTER I PAID IN FULL FOR A SERVICE THAT DID NOT OCCUR THE FIRST TIME AS PROMISED (12/8/07). I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO HIRE SOMEBODY ELSE FOR REPLACEMENT AND INSTALLATION OF MY WATER HEATER THAT WOULD KEEP THEIR PROMISE. So, I hired American Plumbing who installed a new Rheem Guardian Water Heater and kept their promise by showing up and doing quality work. Second, I do not need a back-up water heater; I needed the work done as promised on December 8, 2007 by Dave from Sears Repairs that never occurred.

My evidence is compelling and I am clear that Sears Repairs is unreasonable, unreliable, and has no intention of honoring its warrantee. I have forwarded copies of my 12/8/07 letter, this letter, and a CD recording of said phone call messages from Sears to the Better Business Bureau, Carl Monday, I-Team Reporter at Channel 19, a posting on Utube, as well as numerous website complaint services. Furthermore, I am giving away all my Sears products in my home for free to low-income families that promise not to use Sears Repairs or purchase Sears products. I hereby request that Sears donate my replacement water heater to a low-income family and send me a copy of the delivery order for verification and I’ll pay American Plumbing for the install work.


Christopher Cuda

Carl Monday
Paul Wolf

  • Ja
    JANE Jan 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I total agree with you. I have always gotten all my appliances from Sears but about a year ago I stopped buying from Sears. Their repair service is so bad. My refrigerater broke and I call for repair. They told me it would take a week for someone to come out. A week on a refrigerater, how was I to keep my food from going bad. We bought a water heater and we have had the repair guy out every 6 months because the flame keeps going out. We have had it replaced twice and now Sears tells me it's not their water heater its the pipeing in the house that is making the tank go bad. They instaled it and had numerous repair men out and now they say it's the wrong size pipe and they won't install a new one unless I pay for instalation.

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  • Mi
    Michele Jul 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sears sold me a warranty on my central air unit, and when it broke - they sent out an authorized repair person who said it needed a $1, 500 part. Sears will not return my phone calls or the authorized service persons since. I filed a complaint with consumer affairs and 5 weeks later with temperatures reaching 94 degrees - I am still waiting. I just hired someone else to fix it - but I am so disgusted with SEARS - I will not go there ever again. All my appliances are from there as are the tires on my car. I will file a suit to recoup what they should have done under the warranty.
    Ironically - while I am waiting for them to return my call - they called to send me a warranty on my water softner. The absolute nerve!

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water heater power miser 9

When we bought this house there was a new Kenmore water heater and it broke after a year of living here. ...

2 comments Clarkfield Appliances

strut broke, pump broke, main board broken?

We purchased a stackable Kenmore front loading washer/dryer in August 2005. The model number is 44152 and it was manufactured for Kenmore by Frigidaire.

We've had balancing problems with this unit from day one. I've paid service techs and handy people to come to our house to try and balance the washer after we were unable to do so ourselves. Two weeks ago the washer stopped completely. I had an appliance service tech out to replace the struts (apparently it comes with plastic struts which notoriously break) but it still wouldn't start. The Frigidaire tech I had out today was able to diagnose a broken pump ($280) but said I would need a Sears tech to read the rest of the error codes. He suspects the main board may be broken and told me that there are intermittent door lock problems and fill issues. The tech told me it would be another $195 or so for the main board, but that there may be other problems only a Sears tech could diagnose properly. Two and a half years old, folks.

  • Ne
    never again kenmore Nov 01, 2014

    Have same model. Multiple problems, some repeating. Don't buy Kenmore. Many problems with Kenmore side by side fridge, too.

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circuit board went out

Aug 8, 2004 we purchased a top of line Kenmore Elite Dishwasher along with a Kenmore refrigerator. The dishwasher worked great until Sep 2006 when we could not change cycles on the control board any longer. The warranty for the circuit board was over in Aug 2006. To replace the circuit board alone is $300.00. It appears that the circuit board is not properly sealed against water for when we unscrewed this area, water ran out. So water was getting to the circuit board somehow. Of course Sears won't touch it unless we pay. So now in Nov 2007, there is one one wash cycle that works and it doesn't work very well, we have set the darn thing by the curb and have purchased a GE basic dishwasher as we already have over $700.00 invested in this piece of junk. We also have a fanstatic tsory about the refrigerator we purchased which was a Kenmore as well. Let's just say we have put over $500.00 during years 2 and 3. we will never buy Kenmore again.

we've only had the refridgarator a1year and 10 days.

The refrigerator for a year and 10 days ,then we found out that it had stopped working. We called it in and one of the customer service agents said that it would cost us for someone to come out and look at it. She checked the warranty and said that it was out of warranty,I told her that it should'nt be going out already if we only had it for a year that it shoul've lasted a while longer than it did. We got it oct.18,2006 and it's already out in Oct.2007, and I find it to be unfair the way some customers are being treated by Sears, not being concerned about they're customers satisfaction.