K-mart / Maylong Mobility Tablet / does not work after 30 days

Br, Salina, KS, United States

Bought a Maylong Mobility Tablet on Thanksgiving day, 6:30 am. It was wrapped up until Christmas day.(30 days after purchased!!) Daughter takes it college and it does not work. Brought it back home to return to KMart. I used my rewards card to purchase and asked for e-receipts. Do not have the e-receipt for Thanksgiving Day, but I have the receipts for Black Friday. They will not return this item, could not find my purchase since it was 90 days later. Was told I was out of luck and to contact the manufacture.
If it is a 30 day return how are you suppose to return it when it is a Christmas gift, which is 30 days later. Customer service was rude, Kmart needs to be more customer friendly and stop selling inferior products.

Mar 07, 2013

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