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Dr. Wade should not be offering advice on this website! The advice was absolutely wrong! My poor dog is now at the vets. She has been vomiting non-stop since 2 hours after giving the aspirin.

I am worried sick I may lose her. We are waiting for the blood work to come back to find out how bad it is. I will never trust anything I read on the internet again...

Dr. Wade (If he really is a doctor) told me to give my dog aspirin which can be lethal if combined with rimydyl... The drug I stated she was on. I was unaware of this fact and gave her the aspirin. Now she is critically ill.
Dear surfsista,

It is not uncommon for dogs to have pain at the injection site, it will usually subside in a day or 2 after getting the shots. Try to avoid petting or touching the injection areas. You could give a small dose of aspirin tonight if needed. For a small chihuahua I would give a 1/2 tablet of the 81 mg aspirin will a meal, not on an empty stomach. If the dog is restless with the vaccinations you could also give 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of liquid benadryl.

Hope you dog gets to feeling better soon.
Dear surfsista,

It could be any of the above. I would do the aspirin tonight and get her into the vet tomorrow to have her checked out unless it resolves with aspirin.

Best wishes,

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Thanks for the opportunity to help you!
I just gave less than a quarter of a 325mg regular strength aspirin. She weighs 9.5 lbs. I hope I did not give her too much?? I gave her around 75mg. Is this too much for a 9.5 lb dog?
I just looked up rimadyl and aspirin it states you are not supposed to mix the two. See above where I gave her rimadyl about 3 hours ago. I just gave her aspirin with it... About 75mg.

I'm very worried I have overdosed her!
No response from dr. Wade
Just as a follow-up to anyone reading this website. I ended up calling the animal poison control hotline and it was a good thing I did.

Mixing rimadyl with aspirin is deadly. Not only that but I found out the rimadyl prescription was too high a dose for her and the aspirin I gave was too high as well...

The poison center instructed me to giver her 1/2 of a 10mg pepsid 2x a day for 5 days and 1 teaspoon of magnesium one time only. The vet told me to take her off all medicine except for the pepsid. If she shows signs of stomach problems (Not eating, vomiting, diarrhea) or has black tarry stools, she will need to see a vet right away. She will not be out of the woods for 3 long days. She may develop a serious ulcer from this mistake.

I feel so bad that I made this mistake! This is a very good example why you should not follow internet advice online! Had the vet who responded here actually read what I wrote above "i gave her a pain pill rimadyl and flagyl. " he would not have instructed me to give her an aspirin!

I only pray she does not have damage to her stomach from this serious mistake.

This online service is majorly flawed, do not take any advice offered here...

Now my dog is at the vets undergoing tests for severe stomach distress. I'm worried sick.

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  • Wi
      30th of Dec, 2008
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    It also sounds like your original vet should of prescribed the correct dose of Rimadyl for your dog. Rimadyl by itself can cause a lot of gastrointestinal distress. Any kind of medical advice whether it be for animal or human is not reliable through the internet.

  • Do
      7th of Jan, 2009
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    Dear surfsista,

    I am writing to apologize for the miscommunication we had. The issue with this case is that your dog initially was on the wrong dose of Rimadyl and that you gave your dog too high a dose of aspirin (double the recommended). In my professional experience as a practicing veterinarian, I believe that if both the Rimadyl and Aspirin were given at the correct dose one time that there would not have been a clinical problem. I truly hope that your dog has made a full recovery and I am genuinely sorry.

    Bryan J. Wade, DVM

  • Su
      1st of Feb, 2009
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    As an update. Bella had many issues, not just the Rimadyl and Aspirin, although they were contributing factors.

    After many tests and thousands of dollars later, it was determined that Bella had disc disease and required surgery. She is recovering and doing very well!

    Still this was a lesson! Do be very careful taking any advice on the internet and do consult the animal poison control center
    800-548-2423 if you have questions about what to give your baby not the internet!

  • Gr
      20th of Jun, 2009
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    No problem using in my experience. I asked a technical question about my boat and received professional accurate information in a matter of minutes, the boat expert even answered my follow up questions at no charge. Ultimately, the website cost me $9 to get the right answer to fix my boat correctly, this was after paying my local boat shop over $250 and they still could not resolve my problem.

    I would not hesitate using in the future, you just have to use common sense on the answers that you are given.

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