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I had a credit line of $1200. Without prior notification, my account was reducted to $950. The money i owe on my account is $885. NOw my account is to it's limit. Their excuse was: we reviewed your account and decided that you didn't need the entire credit line of $1200. EXCUSE ME!! I called today, 12/20/08 and they said they were in the process of sending letters to their customers to explain this.

I used the card, paid on time and most often ahead of time, and this is what i get????

I could have made one purchase and would have been over my limit. I asked what can be done, they told me nothing. I complained that this is unfair and told them i am taking my business elsewhere. The representative offered to give me the payoff balance in effort to be sly.

I have been with this company for years, and for them to do this without notice is totally ridiculous. I have complained to the company and to every complaint site possible. I transferred my balance to another company. They will not get one more penny from me. (that is, if they don't find a way to get more money from me)

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      Mar 18, 2009

    I have had a similar experience with Juniper. Introductory interest rate of 8.99%...all is well for several years...I making all payments on time, early or complete payoff. One time in January 09 I am 2 days late with TWO payments, and Juniper jacks my interest rate to 26.99% (!!!), and charges me a 39.00 late fee. I have a balance on this card that I will pay off in 1-2 months, then I will never do business with them again. I will then spend a good deal of my time crusading on message boards about the illegal and unethical practices of Juniper/Barclays. I will do as I told them - I will cost them many times more money than they have extracted from me through the power of the Internet. Join me in spreading the word about Juniper's illegal and unethical business practices and help me FIRE BARCLAYS/JUNIPER.

    GOOD RIDDANCE Juniper/Barclays.

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