Jpmorgan Chase / unauthorized drafts from my checking account

TN, United States

I have been in contact with representatives from JP Morgan Chase's Auto Finance division for over a month now, with no return call nor any attempts at resolution to my issue. My auto loan with this bank was paid in full in February of this year. I had previously set my account up for automatic payments from my checking account (with a separate bank) to Chase and was told those automatic payments would cease when the account was paid in full. Not so. Two drafts have been pulled from my bank account after the account has been 'closed' by Chase. After calling to see where the payments were applied and/or if a refund was forthcoming, I was told to send a letter and documentation to 'Anna' and she would look into my claim to see if it was 'valid' and get back with me. This was on April 29, 2010. I have yet to receive a return call from Anna, and attempts to call her have been ignored thus far. This is absolutely unacceptable. I want my money back!


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