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Jpmorgan Chase / banking nightmare

1 Cleveland, TN, United States Review updated:

i must say when i heard that my place of employment offered pay cards to their employees at no charge to be able to use if you did not have a bank account i was thrilled as i knew i would be able to get my pay check without having to spend money i did not have to be able to spend. at first everything was great or so i thought. i started seeing charges appearing on my card that were double and even triple charged. no big deal i thought. i was able to get ahold of the companies that had overcharged me and they were more than happy to oblige my request to have the money refunded. however chase on the other hand which is the company my employer uses had other ideas as to what would be acceptable. they have provided nothing but hassle when it comes to being refunded saying i have to wait 5-10 business days for the matter to be investigated and then the latest of wrong doings on their behalf. i had run my debit card at an atm at work. the transaction showed as processed but the money was never dispensed. i called the bank that the atm belonged to and they advised they would be more than happy to reverse the charges however rather than seeing the charges reversed i saw the next day 2 individual charges for $1.00 each and an overdraft fee of $15.00. i called chase about this and they said they did not have record of a transaction being reversed. they filed claims on these charges after much deliberation and argument from them. i had to go to 3 different supervisors before they did anything. not to mention the lack of communication skills their customer service reps have. they are located in india somewhere. they speak very broken english and have no empathy whatsoever to the customers troubles that have been caused at their companies expense. but i rest on that subject as that opens a whole new can of worms. we can discuss another time. i have had nothing but trouble since this last friday in getting the money that should have remained on my card back and am still awaiting any resolution from them on this. now if i had money to begin with i would not really have any trouble waiting but i am the average american just trying to survive in this day and age what with having nothing more than $79.00 a week to live on for food and anything else i need to survive after all my bills and child support are paid for. to me $20.00 dollars may as well be a hundred dollars or more. they are now stating that they have to investigate the matter and are now claiming it will be ten business day before i hear anything. meanwhile they sit in their tidy little offices and could really care less about what situation this has put me in and the fact that the overdraft charge which was charged wrongly is going to make my pay check this week even smaller. so much for food this week i hope i can survive with nothing for a week. thank you chase for starving me. i had spoken with the manager of the bank the atm belonged to and they are more than willing to send the records of the transaction showing it timed out and did not dispense the funds so as to have the transaction voided and the money put back on my card. chase stated they can not do that as their process does not allow it. a pathetic excuse to jab at the little guy once again if you ask me. my helpful advise to anybody that reads this is if you can at all avoid jp morgan chase please do so for your own sense of dignity and security as they obviously care not for their customers.

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      14th of Nov, 2009
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    Be extremely careful with this bank. Close your credit card account a.s.a.p. Customer service reps are rude and will hang up the phone on you.

    I paid off my final balance on my c.c. They didn't even send me a final statement. How cheap! I requested this 3 times already and still no statement. Will have to physically go to a CHASE bank in hopes of getting one. Don't trust their online banking.

    Selfish bank !!

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