JPMorgan Chase Bank / staff

Tulsa, OK, United States

Probably crappiest chase bank i've ever been to and it sucks because it's so close to my house so to go to another would just be out of the way. # service, the tellers can't count to save their lives and even management it not helpful and extremely rude. They are always messing something up. I can't honestly say I have been there once where they haven't messed up. Pathetic. Even when they mess up they either say they can't fix their mistakes or don't know how. It's embarrassing I have to call the chase all the way in abilene texas for help correcting 91st mistakes and they are always so nice and polite. Re evaluate your workers and management because sadly it effects the whole bank as a whole for one poor location.

Update: I went into the same branch and I went in because I needed a statement for the month, I get it on my phone but that day my printer had went out so no big deal I thought I would just go to the bank and get it! My mistake, the employee who help me was so rude. "well you know we send them to you" "yes I know, I have it on my phone" "okay, well you can print it off yourself, you know?" "yes I know but I came because my printer was broken" "oh well ok, hold on then" *waits about 5 minutes* and he couldn't even converse. I guess 9:30 is too early to want to help and customer because he had to be pulled away from his buddies that were all talking in a big group. Sorry you had to do your job.. Lol and you should never question why I customer came in or why they didn't just do it themselves. Apparently pressing buttons to print something off is too hard.

Apr 28, 2017

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