JPMorgan Chase Bank / bad everything.

San Antonio, TX, United States

Over the many years of doing business with JPMorgan Chase, I have been increasingly troubled by the banking practices and security of JPMorgan Chase. In recent years, it has become the worst I have ever seen. From appalling customer service received from the fraud and disputes departments, to horrific offshore support, and local branch support.

JPMorgan Chase has sent my cancelled checks to someone else and sent me another local merchant’s cancelled checks. Because of JPMorgan Chase’s sloppy handling of cancelled checks, someone else now has my signature. When I called Chase, I got a “who cares” attitude and same for local branch representatives.

Since that incident, someone presented a check with my signature forged and stole about $450.00 from my account. I went to the local branch and got the same “who cares” attitude and they did nothing.

I have many examples that show systemic problems with JPMorgan Chase “security”, including the one you are probably familiar with, the JPMorgan hack exposed data of 83 million customers data, among largest data breaches in history.

Now some "security specialist" has sent me a letter that essentially blocks my on-site access to funds either at any branch or ATM all because I filed a complaint with a JPMorgan Chase supervisor who agreed with me. I am sure she is fired now for agreeing with me.

May 6, 2017

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