Jimmy John's / no service

Ames, IA, United States

I went to the Jimmy john's on 716 S Duff Ave, Ames, IA 50010 tonight 10/24.
It was between 7:00 and 7:15. There was no one else in the building except for one employee. I entered the building and the lone employee had his back to me at the register. the music was a little loud, but I figured he would have heard the door open or at least turned around at some point. I stood 3 feet away from him for several minutes but he never turned around. He was texting or playing some game or maybe watching a movie on his phone I guess. I could have said something to get his attention, but the longer I stood there the more amazed I became that he never not once turned around or looked around or anything. I finally left thinking maybe he would here the door open again. As I drove off I watched him and he remained with his back to the counter and door until I drove out of sight. If you have cameras in the store watch the footage if you think I am making this up.


Simply amazed

Oct 24, 2017

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