Jimmy John's / 2481 s telegraph rd, bloomfield hills, mi 48032 manager: angelica

i quit jimmy johns on short notice on november 16 2017 and gm angelica said she was going to mail me my checks instead of giving me them at the store. I am filing a complaint because i have 2 years experience at jimmy johns at the maple and coolidge locaation and palm beach gardens location. Both stores were run great exspecially the florida location. We were not allowed free food and were not able to smoke. I worked at the bloomflield location and it was a nightmare. Employees were allowed free food everyday and the manager would take smoke breaks (and allow employees too) and hide it from the area manager keith. This never happened at the other stores. Employees would eat off the line ex. take bread guts and dip in mayo and/or put sauce on them also. ex. eat bacon off the line. I was appalled by the behavior of the employees and was not suprised that the store never got any business. I am disgusted by gm angelicas ethics. I have a tracphone (pay for minutes) and am doing the best i can to get by and she called me 7 times and texted me relentlessly that she needed to know why i quit. Then she put me in a group text and I was forced to change my number because she was trying to run me out of minutes. That is none of her business. I need my money and she says i am not allowed to contact her or step foot in the store. I do not know why because i never got into any arguments with her or her employees. Someone please step up because this makes jimmy johns look bad. Florida and troy jimmy johns were managed great. Can not believe the lines were always left a mess and employees would eat off the line all day.

Nov 17, 2017

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