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I used to be one of the biggest fans of Jewelry Television. In fairness to them, I have received some really beautiful items from them, that did appear to be quality pieces. Over the last several years, I have purchased many beautiful items from them including Indian Ruby Rings, Tanzanite, natural gemestone chunky necklaces, etc. I have been a great customer, I believe.

My Indian Ruby ring is gorgeous and is still one of my prized possessions. Some other pieces have been lovely statement pieces. However, I'm in complete agreement with the reviewer who said they do not grade their Tanzanite. I once ordered two Tanzanite rings set in Sterling silver, under $50. specials. They were so light in color you couldn't hardly even see the lilac. For the price, I wasn't expecting the moon, but I was very disappointed! I never wore them, and I don't think even a teenaged girl would be pleased to receive them. They sit in my jewelry box, unused. The color looks nothing like the color it featured on TV... they both look altogether different than pictured. I purchased treated Lapis Lazuli Necklace, a statement piece, and was disappointed in the color when I received it. Even more so when the piece left a dark stain on my neck where I had slightly perspired due to humidity. My last big order in Spring of 2010 was definitely a mixed bag. A few items were pleasing to the eye. Sterling Silver, but no 925 tags in silver attatched to the
item to confirm that the item is unadulterated S/S like other companies do. In fact, one bracelet looks pretty, but have never worn even once because I can't even get the lobster claw closure to line up. It twists and turns over, not ever lining up right with the clasp, and I've tried hundreds of times! The biggest disappointment was that I ordered 5 watches; they were great bargains, and looked pleasing to the eye. In all honesty, there was something wrong with every one of them. One didn't work, one the clasp broke and fell off my wrist my first time I wore it, so I lost it. Another, all the beads broke on the elastic the 1st time I took it off and my wrists are pretty small. Another, it quit telling time about one week later, and another the band was not "leather" and it came unraveled looking cheap after three wears. They also did not want to honor the discounts that were coming up on my Online order. It would show certain items with sometimes several markdowns. They were having trouble with their website (again) and I had to call to place the order. This was a pretty large order, and they CS Rep complained that my order was keeping him from his lunch. He didn't want to give me the same prices I was visibly seeing...he finally did so, and later I had to call back due to a mix up, and a supervisor got on the phone with me and tried to tell me that the original guy was out-of-line to give me those prices. I tried to explain that I was reporting literally the discounts that I was seeing, and she told me that they didn't exist on their end, and that that guy could be in alot of trouble for giving me those discounts. I didn't even bother to mention that this guy had in fact been curt and rude, but at least he had delivered on the pricing. So, at that point I felt that I had to defend this guy so he wouldn't be penalized or possibly lost his job! Such foolishness!! :

I have received some beautiful pieces that I really do love and enjoy wearing. However, there shipping is high and I agree that sometimes they really do misrepresent themselves. I thought I would be treated better that I was because I had been a loyal customer...I haven't purchased anything since then. I have found another jewelry channel, a liquidation channel beats their prices and exceeds their quality in most items. Their shipping is normally much cheaper, also. I have been very pleased with my recent purchases there, and will probably not order much from JTV anymore, if at all! I agree that their quality has gone down, and they're not delivering as they had a couple of years ago.

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      Jan 31, 2011

    What was the other place where u purchase jewelry now?

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