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bad customer service

Recent dealings with JVT have been AWFUL. Ordered items on-line. They sent 7 items in one bag and YET charged me shipping on each item. Then they sent five separate items and charged another $4 each item. I returned some items because I did not like them; checked on my credit card account and discovered they deducted $7 for each item returned using their labels. I asked them to help out this disabled senior citizen on a limited income -- DID NOTHING. It makes me realize that I need to read and comprehend everything including the fine print. I will NEVER use JVT to purchase ANYTHING on-line ever again and have deleted JVT from my channel directory. What a RACKET!!! Read and listen to everything - they make it sound like it's a good deal but when you add all the charges - it ain't!!!

  • Pi
    Pinkerbelle53 Nov 22, 2011

    I work and JTV and must concur with most customer complaints. The return label they send with thsce package is for the Returns Dept. gain only. It scans what is in the package, etc. to make it easier to process returns, however, they DO NOT tell the customer there is a $6.99 charge for use of that label. As an employee, it disappoints me, as do several other practices of the company. Just don't feel bad. The employees are treated no better than warm bodies for a phone. The majority really do care about your problems and orders and are MORE than happy to help you, but when the new CEO arrived 4 yrs. ago, he took away all the benefits that made us happy to work there. No Christmas bonuses, no parties, no 401K match, and more. So, in essence, we are happy to help you but we don't LOVE our jobs anymore. We do love the majority of our customers!!! We feel angry and disappointed that some of the misleading practices they force us to use or not use anger and upset our customers. Trust me when I say, and spread the word, that we are being forced and told what not to say and to omit from our calls and information for you and we ARE being recorded, and we get scored on those phone calls. Please don't blame the customer service or operators, I beg you. We are not responsible for any of JTV's actions. We are there to serve you the very best we can with what we are allowed to do. Our "powers" for you are very limited. Don't miss a great jewelry deal due to JTV's imposed "rules" on your operators. I love the majority of our product and purchase quite a bit, but if the need arises to return, I go straight to the Post Office! :) Hope you come back!

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  • Ma
    madas hops Nov 22, 2011

    I received a call from icore canada asking me to call back ...that its very important. the number is 1866-205-3071
    I Usually hang up but this time i called back. I first asked what this company does but he wouldnt answer. I gave him my phone number as requested and he transfered me. I asked again, " who are you and what do you want from me". When he matched the tel number with the name he mispronounced my name(badly). I asked him what country are you calling from ...twice. He said Toronto. I said Toronto is not a country. Silence...then "Canada". He asked for my postal code.
    I said unless you tell me what you want, i will not give out the answer. No response. I ended with a request to take me off their phone list and hung up..

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items not received

placed 2 orders with JTV within the last month totalling over $300 dollars. The first order arrived and I was pleased (order of $60). I was able to track the order and its whereabouts and got it in less than 2 weeks. However, the 2nd order (over $200) had no tracking info available to me..every time I clicked on the USPS website said invalid tracking numbers. Needless to say 3 weeks go by and i received nothing. Called several times to get help from customer service and the only thing they kept telling me was that I had to wait 21 days to file a claim on it. 21 days to file a claim and then another 14 days to be refunded. This hardly seems like good business practices and JTV should change their policies. Meanwhile I am out $200+, and no items to show for it. On top of that I contacted my bank to try and get a cancellation and they are investigating; but because i used a Visa/Debit bank card for it, I am not protected as if it were a major credit card. I'm not going to shop with JTV anymore..they lost me as a customer!! Why would the cheaper order have a valid tracking number and the more expensive one, not?? Makes no sense!!!

  • Ad
    ADEWUNMI Nov 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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scam!!! beware.

I ordered a loose stone "in stock" and over 2 weeks later it hasnt even shipped out, i kept trying to ask whats going on they just would say it never shipped but they didnt know why and theyd 'look into it' but they never contacted me back. I dont even think i will get my money back. beware of this company.

  • Th
    The Gold Standard Feb 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    JTV promised to ship a Valentine's Day gift ring. It was never shipped and no reason given as to the status. The day before Valentines Day, they e-mailed that there would be a two-week delay with no reason for the delay. Their methods are underhanded and they couldn't care less, altho they continued to say "we're going to help you with this." All unprofessional and shabby treatment to their customers. They're the worst and I encourage you to avoid doing business with them. There are lots of other places to buy quality and not be ripped off.

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  • Hu
    hunting scams Feb 21, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    JTV is and always will be bottom feeding scam artists. They target customers that just do not know any better and like shiny things. Jewelry is better left to professionals, not scamming TV types. Order at high risk of receiving junk jewelry that wouldn't pass for a childs vending machine. Goods are mass produced overseas. I took a sterling ring she had bought to my metal broker, on analysis it was base metal plated with silver marked .925 and an obscure mark. When confronted JTV simply said it was a proprietary metal. They scammed my elderly mother out of thousands before I found out. Buyer beware. Had them on the phone at one time. I about came out of my skin when they said I should be watching her purchases. Another particular case, she set out to order a single ring but ended up being upsold with the promise of free rare gemstones as a gift.. ended up with a suite of junk and a bunch of free worthless pebbles.. beware beware beware. AND BY NO MEANS GIVE THEM AN ACCOUNT TO COLLECT FROM!!!

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  • Jt
    JTV Feb 11, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just dont understand why people are still buying that trash from jtv. Knowing what what kind of crooks are behind jtv. Reading the the complains. And still keep buying from jtv.. Till the finaly find out. The have been ripped of all along.. And then come crying, thse people deserve being ripped of. The are being warned. Over and over. Stay away from jtv. You will get eipped of 24/7 1000 % and this is fact... Jtv has been known to steal the amount of $ 749.49 out of a wells fargo debit account. All in 2 days time.. At different times.. And different prices. Wells fargo wanted to file a law suit against jtv if that stolen money was not returned at once.. The whole amount was returned. By jtv plus the offered to replace a lost stone for free. When the lady had purchased a ruby ring with small tansanite. She deckined. All she wanted is. To get her money back. She got a new card. With new numbers... Warning... Stay away from jtv. You will be scammed and ripped of by those crooks on jtv. Jtv should be thrown of the air. For good.

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  • Fe
    Fernando Rodriguez Mar 20, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    11mm Multi-Color Cultured Freshwater Pearl & Topaz Rhodium Over Silver Earrings Set With Jackets, do not purchase, the jackets do not come off so that you may use with the other sets. Now, I have 4 earrings that are worthless.

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inept customer service and poor item tracking

For months I had seen items displayed on the JTV channel, amazed at the sheer number and quality of the items on display and the low prices they asked for such pieces. Recently I decided to try my luck purchasing a Garnet Cross Pendant from JTV, and was happy with the fact that I've obtained this piece at a reasonable price and that it would soon be on it's way.

However it was not meant to be, as after having the confirmation of the transaction sent to me along with it's tracking number, I find out that the USPS tracking code supplied to me was either invalid or the item simply was never scanned by the USPS. After calling them, and spending hours being bounced around from one rep to another, they were at a loss as to how such a thing could transpire and told me that I had to wait until 10 business days expired before filing a claim with the USPS for the piece.

I've purchased items from QVC and HSN for years and never experienced such problems with shipping, nor had I ever dealt with incompetent customer service reps who basically said that I was the one who had to file the claim with USPS for the item, all I have is the word from JTV that they even sent out the item with no proof and my credit card had already been charged. It was on to me to undo the tangle that they themselves created, basically them washing their hands of the business since they already have the money on hand. They refused to even check to see if the item was even really sent out to me, they didn't care, they had the funds already and left me to try and deal with the USPS on my own.

This isn't how a business is supposed to be run, you do not make a first time customer whom their sales folks on the TV insist they want desperately, jump through so many hoops just to get an item they had purchased in good faith. Again, after years of dealing with QVC and HSN, never had I experienced this issue, never had I dealt with such poor and rude representatives and I could only wish there were more ways I could dissuade future customers from making the same mistake I did by putting faith in this business.

Beware of any dealings you plan to have with this company.

substandard merchandise

I am into jewlery and designing. I have been purchasing with JTV for 2-3 years. My last four purchases have been substandard merchandise. My advise ... don't buy any rings or other jewlery that have small stones around a larger one as they seem to fall out easily. Not only have I paid for the merchandise, but I have also paid for the repairs. Don't purchase settings due to the fact that the millimeter size of stones do not match up to setting sizes? And... most of all don't ever think you can set stones in settings purchased from JTV. The prongs are usually defective, light weight and too short for a proper fit. Do not buy diamonds either as they are ususally milky and poor quality with settings that are too weak for the amount of stones uses. If you want my advise ... just visit the gem shows yourself. It's a great trip, you meet lots of great people and artisans that actually care about quality.

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horrible customer service and lies

This company is not only incompetent but does not care at all about the costumer. I have never had such a horrible shopping experience in my life until I made a purchase from them. What I can't understand is how a company like this can get away with this behavior. I purchased a ring from them, a very special item that was ment for my little sister. I spent all my money on this and told my husband that I did not want a single present for Christmas, that giving this ring to my sister would be my present. I spent weeks searching JTV for the perfect ring, as I have very little money and wanted to make sure I could get her the best thatI can afford. The problems started right away with them failing to send me a conformation email, then there was a mix up at the post office and it was sent back to JTV for some reason. We contacted them right away and many many times since and were told over and over again it would be sent back to us the moment they received it. Well that was a complete lie, we called them and they said they received it and they would be sending it to us soon, the next morning we get an email saying that our "return" will be credited to our card in 14 days. I was beyond upset we have spoken to so many people there and everyone was to know that it was to be sent back to us ASAP that it in no way was a return and was only being sent back to them because of a horrible mistake made by the post office. There is only one of these rings so there is no way. They could send me another one, we called them and asked how this coul possibly happen and they as always could not do anything to help and did not offer to compensate us in anyway. They know in great detail what this ring means to me, that it isn't just a ring, but a gift to my sister during a extremely painful time in our lifes. We have spoken to so many people there not only by phone but several emails, and no one there is at all capable of doing anything to help a costumer if they mess up. They ruined my Christmas and this heart felt gift, and won't do anything about it. Even at mcdonalds, if they mess up your order, they will compensate you in some way, but Jtv will not and trust me when I say THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU and will not try and fix their mistakes! SO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! there is much more to my story bur it is way to personal to mention on here and if you knew how they treat people who are even is such pain, you would be disgusted

  • Co
    complaintgatherer Dec 30, 2010


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  • Bj
    bjwill Aug 02, 2011

    I don't think you have any grounds for a complaint against Jewelry Television. Your anger should be directed towards the post office instead, which apparently misrouted and lost your package. JTV has no control over the post office's business. They can't return to you an item they don't have. You say JTV credited you a complete refund on a "one-of-a kind" item that the post office never returned to them, that's a miracle in itself! What more did you expect them to do?

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s/s peridot pendant artisan gem

I'am totally fed up with the service at jewerly tv. I ordered a s/s peridot pendant and it was ship to me with the gem stone missing out of the setting, you could cleary see that it was missing why would anybody with any sence send the pendant out like that.I also ordered a man's black diamond ring that they over sold but never bother to notify me than when i called inquiring about the ring that's when they decided to let me know they didnt have it but still billed my credit card then you have to wait for about two weeks for them to take it off the credit card.I ordered about seven items if one more mistake is made with my order thats it for me every item will be returned for a refund of my money.three stikes your out, take pride in what you do what ever it is!

qc and cust service are horrible

I have bought a lot of jewelry from JTV, but now have officially ended my relationship forever and for good with this company. They have lost me as a customer. Here's why. Since the end of August, I have received five broken/damaged/defective items in the mail. Used their Smart Labels to return the items, and sent letters along with them explaining the defect (for example, a crack running through the entire stone, etc.). Each time, I was charged for the Smart Label ($6.99). I called and fought with the customer service reps. In one instance, they said they had credited back my Visa, but it was not the Visa I had bought the item with. It was another Visa I had on file, which was a canceled and closed Visa. I believe that crediting another Visa for a return is illegal. I was told that if they attempted to credit a closed Visa, they would send me a check in the mail.
Also, I ordered a necklace a month ago and it still has not yet arrived. I finally found out, through numerous inquiries that the item is out of stock, but they expect to get more back in in a couple of weeks, and if I really want the item, I should wait. This was a bday present, and the bday has come and gone. I am furious. Furious also that they couldn't tell me that the first few times I called. The customer service reps will fight with you about the smart label. Even if you get a grossly deformed piece, they will actually tell you that you have to pay for the shipping, because the size of the stones (for example) are not guaranteed. If you get mismatched, unevenly sized stones in a pave piece, for example, oh well. Too bad for you. I am not being picky, either. The items I returned were GROSSLY defective. Quality is also very iffy with JTV items. I know my ring size, and all of my rings fit the same way. I ordered an amethyst ring with stones around the edges, and it fell off my finger. It was probably a size 10 or 11, but the tag read 8. I am furious about this. I just hate JTV. Their quality control is the WORST. They will send out dusty bags of jewelry that look like they traveled to the U.S. by horse and cargo plane from third world countries. They will send you out cracked and broken jewelry without a care in the world. Their customer service reps (some, not all of them) can be smarmy and uppity. I have run into some rude ones. I am no longer shopping at JTV. Ever!!

horrible sales techniques...

Jtv in one word is simply pitiful... After seeing how they are & reviewing numerous complaints in reference to the quality of merchandise, lawsuits, unauthorized charges etc., I would conclude that they are inferior.

As this site is for the people, the people need & deserve to be accurately informed.

In addition to the revelations of the people, the hosts on their broadcasts are horrible... Their lack of professionalism is apalling - there obssesive inferences in reference to god knows what is astounding - if your job is to sell jewelery, sell jewelery - the token black female is a joke - was her hiring a ploy not to be slapped with a discrimination suit? - I will never purchase or have anyone purchase anything from them again. They are like tracfone a company who also has received numerous complaints in reference to the same things - 1st and foremost unauthorized charges... My man has described them and anybody like them [censored]eful.

Stay awake and infomed people - always strive to be better and do not be afraid to speak up when you know and see what others have apparently seen for years.

jtv keeps your credit card info indefinitely!

After making a purchase some months ago, I noticed that my financial (credit card) information was automatically saved in my online account. I immediately called customer service and was told to wait and call back after the order was shipped. After receiving the items, I called back and was told by several customer service reps that my account was deactivated and credit card information erased. I logged in with the same login information to discover that not only was the account still active, but my credit card information was still visible under the section "Default Payment Method". I explained to Customer Service that their website does not give the customer the option to erase the credit card information, let alone ask before it automatically stores this sensitive data. While I was told again and again that my account info was erased, I was eventually informed during my last attempts to contact management that my "account may NEVER be erased", along with credit card info and any other sensitive data saved. (I logged in recently to find the account active with financial info remaining.) This is appalling, especially since I do not have any credit accounts with Jewelry Television. This is a blatant infringement upon my privacy rights, as Jewelry Television should prompt the account holder the option of saving the credit card info instead of automatically saving it. There should also be the option of closing the online account, and any other information associated with the account. Jewelry Television refuses to discard of MY private information, and takes no regard in admitting that my information will be in their possession forever, without my permission!

  • Co
    complaintgatherer Oct 25, 2010

    File your complaint with the FTC - they have the power to investigate, fine and shut down violators.

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  • Dr
    Druids Mar 08, 2015

    I totally agree. The only option for me is to close my credit card with the bank and reopen a new one, so jtv.will not have the right info. It, s unacceptable what they do.

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  • Ge
    GeorgiesMom Jan 29, 2017

    This happened to me as well. I called and requested that my Credit Card information be deleated since I was not interested in doing anymore business with this company. A year later I checked my account on JTV and found out that it was still accesible for purchases. I had to close that account and get another Credit Card. This is one of many problems I have come across with doing business with JTV.
    I still watch their Jewel School show on tv but after taking notes on what is used for making jewelry and their prices I then shop on Easy, Amazon, Harbor Freight, Local beading shops, ...anywhere but JTV. The price is ALWAYS cheaper somewhere else!
    Stay away from JTV! Far far away!!!

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still no refund

On September 27, I returned a bracelet in the amount of 199.00 I called to make sure they had recieved the...

return of items

After receiving a bill of 61.92 for four items returned ( a ring, earrings, bracelet & necklace that were returned due to poor quality) I called JTV Preferred account only to be told that I needed to call JTV customer service. When I spoke to a rep to make sense as to why I was being charged this amount and got no where, I then requested to speak to a supervisor. It seems that JTV hosts promote how wonderful this service is to use prepaid labeling but forget to leave out the fact that the CEO of the company contracted another company at a higher rate for the return labels. Meaning that if an item that was shipped at $3.99 to you from UPS, the other company charges $10.98 to return it. Oh by the way, the supervisor did not know the name of the company used to return items. What a racket! When I attempted to work with the supervisor to reduce this charge, it was NO!

  • Km
    kmarino Sep 28, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    what was advertised as a 1.50ctw DIAMOND wedding set was purchased for me from JTV looked good to me until I noticed stamps on thee inside of bothe my rings. One stamp is LID & thee otheer CZ. We called JTV and asked what theey meant & ws told theat thee LID stamp was thee initials of thee jewelry maker & the CZ was not for Cubic Zirconia but for thee initials of thee inspector. We questioned if my diamonds were in fact cz's & JTV assured us theat what we bought was 100% real DIAMONDS. After theeir assurance & looking over all of thee information from thee order we took theeir word for it. A little while after my mom purchased a diamond tester also from JTV and all of thee stones tested to be real except thee center stone. Again we called JTV & theey still assured theat theey were all real & theat theey do not sell 1/2 real & 1/2 cz ever theat theey only sell all real or all cz sets. Again we let it go, until i bent a prong & took it to a local jeweler to be fixed & was told my center stone was not a diamond all all be a CZ. We called JTV again & were told theat we had to get an appraisal done by a GIA certified Gemologist & have it faxed to JTV to prove thee center stone was real. It took a long time to locate a GIA certified Gemologist in my area but we finally did & he did very detailed appraisal including pictures of my rings & his finding. Everytheing was faxed to JTV. My mom called a day later & was told theey have not recv'd anytheing from thee jeweler, luckily he was nice enough to give us a copy for he feared theey would say just theat. My mom personally faxed it to theem & recv'd a call back to say it was recv'd & would be sent to upper management & thee legal dept. We were told we'd hear back by thee end of thee week. Today we did get a call to say theey would like me to send my ring back so theey can look @ it theemselves. When my mom explained theat I was not willing to send it back because 1- theey have already ripped us off so who's to say theey won't again 2- I have sentimental value attached to theat ring & what if it got lost in thee mail- we were told if theat happened theat theey'd give me a full refund. Yeah im so sure theey so willingly give me over $1500 when theey wont just replace my center stone & be done w/ it. When my mom asked why theey want thee ring she was told " because theey will probably send it to a Jewler in NJ to look at it" My mom's 1st point was theat we did exactly what theey said we needed to do & theat was to get an appraisal by a GIA certified Gemologist which we did. Her question to JTV was "what our guy isn't good enough?" Her 2nd point was theat we live in Phila which is right across thee river from NJ so why would we ship my ring back to TN just for JTV to ship it back to NJ. Our jeweler flat out told us theat we have everytheing needed to take theis to court & win & theat JTV would have to pay me 3x's what my ring is worthe.

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does not live up to it's advertising

I used to be one of the biggest fans of Jewelry Television. In fairness to them, I have received some really beautiful items from them, that did appear to be quality pieces. Over the last several years, I have purchased many beautiful items from them including Indian Ruby Rings, Tanzanite, natural gemestone chunky necklaces, etc. I have been a great customer, I believe.

My Indian Ruby ring is gorgeous and is still one of my prized possessions. Some other pieces have been lovely statement pieces. However, I'm in complete agreement with the reviewer who said they do not grade their Tanzanite. I once ordered two Tanzanite rings set in Sterling silver, under $50. specials. They were so light in color you couldn't hardly even see the lilac. For the price, I wasn't expecting the moon, but I was very disappointed! I never wore them, and I don't think even a teenaged girl would be pleased to receive them. They sit in my jewelry box, unused. The color looks nothing like the color it featured on TV... they both look altogether different than pictured. I purchased treated Lapis Lazuli Necklace, a statement piece, and was disappointed in the color when I received it. Even more so when the piece left a dark stain on my neck where I had slightly perspired due to humidity. My last big order in Spring of 2010 was definitely a mixed bag. A few items were pleasing to the eye. Sterling Silver, but no 925 tags in silver attatched to the
item to confirm that the item is unadulterated S/S like other companies do. In fact, one bracelet looks pretty, but have never worn even once because I can't even get the lobster claw closure to line up. It twists and turns over, not ever lining up right with the clasp, and I've tried hundreds of times! The biggest disappointment was that I ordered 5 watches; they were great bargains, and looked pleasing to the eye. In all honesty, there was something wrong with every one of them. One didn't work, one the clasp broke and fell off my wrist my first time I wore it, so I lost it. Another, all the beads broke on the elastic the 1st time I took it off and my wrists are pretty small. Another, it quit telling time about one week later, and another the band was not "leather" and it came unraveled looking cheap after three wears. They also did not want to honor the discounts that were coming up on my Online order. It would show certain items with sometimes several markdowns. They were having trouble with their website (again) and I had to call to place the order. This was a pretty large order, and they CS Rep complained that my order was keeping him from his lunch. He didn't want to give me the same prices I was visibly seeing...he finally did so, and later I had to call back due to a mix up, and a supervisor got on the phone with me and tried to tell me that the original guy was out-of-line to give me those prices. I tried to explain that I was reporting literally the discounts that I was seeing, and she told me that they didn't exist on their end, and that that guy could be in alot of trouble for giving me those discounts. I didn't even bother to mention that this guy had in fact been curt and rude, but at least he had delivered on the pricing. So, at that point I felt that I had to defend this guy so he wouldn't be penalized or possibly lost his job! Such foolishness!! :

I have received some beautiful pieces that I really do love and enjoy wearing. However, there shipping is high and I agree that sometimes they really do misrepresent themselves. I thought I would be treated better that I was because I had been a loyal customer...I haven't purchased anything since then. I have found another jewelry channel, a liquidation channel beats their prices and exceeds their quality in most items. Their shipping is normally much cheaper, also. I have been very pleased with my recent purchases there, and will probably not order much from JTV anymore, if at all! I agree that their quality has gone down, and they're not delivering as they had a couple of years ago.

I think that your quality is going downhill

I have become very disappointed in the prices and quality of your merchandise. Too many of the rings that I have purchased have not been accurately sized, and by the time it gets to me the other sizes are sold out. I appreciate the jewelry protection plan, but am hesitant to wear the jewelry I bought prior to this because of lost or damaged stones. Overall, I think that your quality is going downhill.

cheap junk

JTV AND JTV AUCTIONS, are still at it! I have reduced the amount I buy from them by 100's of $. Listen...

bait and switch on gemstone

Watching the JTV gemstone show, I saw a beautiful RED mexican fire opal. The price was right. I decided to...

packaging of items

Does anyone ever use those ugly blue boxes the send your jewelry in? I can't understand why they switched to those things. #1. if we don't want people to know where we bought it, your found out they have their stupid name on it, , duh. So you have to find/buy a box to give the gift in...dumb!!! I like the boxes given to you on the other shopping sites, they are very nice boxes and they leave off their that is smart, , jtv you messed up again...

  • Th
    Thomas Hancock May 30, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a whole drawer full of those blue boxes, all different sizes, & none of them have JTV/Jewelry Television on them anywhere. The only blue box I received that had Jewelry Television on it was the box with gem tweezers in it that I bought & it's a nice blue box too w/ a magnetic flap. Maybe back then (2010) they had their name on them, but not anymore that I can see. They ship their gems in clear "Gemvue" jars that have "JTV" on it, but that's all I've seen so far. I laughed when I read your comment "they have their stupid name on it, , duh.".

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auction items

Just thought I would check out the jtv auctions today! I have not really been there much since they ripped me off for my ruby I won and never got. They have nothing. I checked out the 1 and 2 hour auctions, there is like 20 items to bid on, wonder why? Could be they ripped off one to many of us... Please people read the reviews before using this site... They will ripped you off in a heartbeat...

false advertising

I placed My order online Added theses Promo i had received on an email. Order was Placed on 1/12/2010 I...

deceptive sleeing practices

Jewelry Television has at least one class action lawsuit filed against them for deceptive selling practice...