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Kay Jewelers / Credit card account opened without authorization

ezriderms on Feb 13, 2017
On January 29th 2016 my fang and I visited the Kay Jewelers store in Hawthorn Mall in Vernon Hills, IL. We were looking for wedding and engagement rings. A sales associate named Donna Dimarco attended us and showed us various options. She also suggested checking if I qualify for a credit...

Kay Jewelers / "Santa Dollars"

Mark lawrenson on Feb 9, 2017
Santa Dollars were misrepresented as dollars to be like cash. It was not said by Kay employees that to use $100 Santa Dollars you need to spend $300. I was told i could use the $300 Santa Dollars i received as cash to make a purchase by 7/2017. Being a slick sales person chases loyal...

Kay Jewelers / Customer service complaint

Mcclure_26 on Jan 30, 2017
I stopped at the store in Nashville at GreenHills Mall on 29/Jan/2017. I was there to buy a ring for my wife. I knew the amount I wanted to spend and was asking questions about the three rings I was trying to choose between when the sales lady interrupted me by saying if I had to ask...

Kay Jewelers / Unethical behavior, defected ring

nikkababy on Jan 13, 2017
My boyfriend purchased a morganite ring for me back in march of last year. It was sent back for repairs more often that I wore it! 1. Sent back because there were loose stones, 2. Two weeks later I lost a stone and they sent it back. When I got it back the stone was half the size of the...

Kay Jewelers / Customer service

Bernadette Washington on Dec 23, 2016
Today 12/23/2016 Rude customer service! I have had a Kay card for quite a few years now. Previous purchases have never been a problem until today when I called the store located in the Regency Mall in Jacksonville Florida. I placed 2 orders this month. One on 12/13/2016 and the other on...

Kay Jewelers / Credit

xquizite2004 on Dec 13, 2016
First of all i called customer service and was told my account was closed because i paid late. Second of all i have bought 3 rings and was about to upgrade and the lady at kays jewlers here in corpus christi told me my account was closed. I have not recv'd any phone calls and the last ring...

Kay Jewelers / Customer relations

R. Mora on Oct 13, 2016
My husband wanted to buy me a diamonds in rhythm necklace from Kay Jewelers so we went there and while looking at them I said it would have to be at least a 1/4 carat center stone for it to be seen. We picked one out but the chain was SUPER fine. I told the worker that it was much too thin...

Kay Jewelers / Anniversary band, men's wedding band and

KLS29 on Oct 6, 2016
2012 bought an anniversary band, men's wedding band and white gold necklace. One month diamond fell out of ring, replaced ring for me, year later necklace broke, 2014 my husbands ring broke in half, had to pay 40$ to have it replaced. Last week anothe diamond fell out of my ring. No I did...

Kay Jewelers / Benefits

A2016 on May 12, 2016
I work for this company and they do not help get anything figured out. I signed up for my insurance and they charged me a back pay for a month I didn't even use/technically have the coverage since I signed up a day before the dead line. I called to get it figured out since I have a child...

Kay Jewelers / Terrible company

Stephanie on May 6, 2016
Ordered some jewelry from Kay Jewelers and one ring was too big, so I contacted them and asked for an advice. They said that I sent them the correct measurements and they will resize the ring for free! Seemed like a great deal so I gave them all the necessary information and sent the ring...

Kay Jewelers / Horrific customer service by management, corporate customer service and terrible craftsmanship

nicoleh on Mar 24, 2016
Have placed several complaints as well as reached out to corporate and have yet to receive any sort of resolution despite the company stating they would address the issue. Sales associates not recording inspections, ring needs constant repairs. My engagement ring was purchased in Dec 2012...

Kay Jewelers / Unethical Behaviour

Reviewer88837 on Jan 12, 2016
Purchased a wedding ring from the Kay Jewelers in Plano, Texas. After buying the wedding band I had to send the ring in to get properly sized with the band. I currently live in Lawton, Oklahoma, and was told that the Kay's in Lawton could not send the ring off for sizing because I did not...

Kay Jewelers / Customer service

countbrockula88 on Jan 10, 2016
I work overnight, and dropped off a watch for battery replacement and a link removal about 5 weeks ago. Not only did I NOT receive a phone call to inform me that it was complete, they were closed today at 1115 am (January 10th 2016) due to an inventory. I feel completely frustrated by the...

Kay Jewelers / Account being closed

marie64 on Dec 13, 2015
i'm very unhappy with kay's jb robbinson and jared's I had a credit card with all three of them and I did not owe anything on my kay's account and they closed my account out I do owe on the jared and jbrobbinson account and they closed them also only because I was late...

Kay Jewelers / Diamond ring

Marian Hall on Dec 11, 2015
I purchased a 2 carat diamond ring 3 years ago. I have lost anout 8 different stones out of it and keep having to take it in for repair. Today they finally stated it wa excessive so they called their customer service department. I was then iformed that I can trade the ring in but have to...

Kay Jewelers / Terrible service and repairs

cougarxena on Sep 20, 2015
I am very dissatisfied with kay jewelers period! I have my rings inspected every 6 months. I have a ring that was bought in 2006 and since the time it was bought it has to have diamonds replaced EVERY time I go in for inspection. It is a four tier ring with a diamond on each tier..It wa...

Kay Jewelers Southridge Mall Greendale,wi / Do not shop at Kay Jewelers Southridge Mall

Rennard Cotton 42 on Jan 19, 2015
Do not shop at Kay Jewelers at Southridge Mall in Greendale, Wisconsin. Kay Jewelers is not a good place to shop at Southridge Mall in Greendale, Wisconsin, Because the white women employees who work there have a bad attitude towards customers and shoppers inside the store and on the...

Kay Jewelers / Engagement Ring

Amanda Henderson on Aug 18, 2014
We bought a $3000 white gold engagement ring from Kay's. We bought the lifetime warranty also. Only after the 90 day return mark was up did I notice the white gold fading significantly. I didn't have the ring for a few weeks of this 90 period as it was out being sized (and to my...

Kay Jewelers / Ring

HannahN on Aug 8, 2014
My boyfriend purchased me an open heart ring, half regular diamonds and half blue stones in October of 2013 at the Kay's in the Mall of NH. I brought it back later that month to be sized to a size 6. This took them about three weeks, I got a call that it was ready, went back and...

Kay Jewelers / Levain / Misrepresentation of retail pricing

clag on May 16, 2014
My fiancé' ' and I attended a Levin trunk show at Kay jewelers at the Moorestown Mall in NJ. The company brings a large collection of chocolate diamonds to a retail store on a scheduled date. It is promoted as limited special pieces and only offered during certain show dates. We found...

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