Kay Jewelers Complaints & Reviews

Kay Jewelers / solitaire diamond earrings

Aug 31, 2019

Kay JewelersWhatever you do do not buy jewelry from Kay jewelers! Terrible customer service and the manager Ada is just the worst she literally sat there and argued with me that it's normal for jewelry to turn black! I've owned quality pieces from Tiffany's and 14k In Los Angeles and have NEVER had...

Kay Jewelers / pendent being custom made for my 1st wedding anniversary

Aug 27, 2019

Kay JewelersI am allergic to zinc apparently my husband had purchased me diamond earings also my promise ring from kays in rockingham nc. He went to the store in town with picture now (a picture!!) of what he wanted the pendent for me being made and this is we got the first time of what they were...

Kay Jewelers / diamond ring purchased on 30jul19

Aug 26, 2019

Kay JewelersI purchased a 1.5 Cr diamond ring from the above store on 30jul19. At which time it was sent out for sizing and I picked it up on 21Aug19. On today 26Aug2019 I returned to the store to inform them that the diamond fell out after wearing the ring for ONE day. I did not bump my hand into...

Kay Jewelers / diamond engagement ring

Aug 20, 2019

Kay JewelersThis complaint is in regards to me having to get my wife's ring serviced 3 times within a year. Same diamonds keep falling out and not only that it's poor customer service. After taking the ring to the store to be sent off, we were given a 2 week turnaround time. Ring came back and we...

Kay Jewelers / ruined opal

Aug 12, 2019

I sent my fiances ring in for a resizing and when the ring came back we realized that the opal did not look the same. I let the associate know my concerns and he said well ill polish it and it migt just be the lighting. So i said ok and went on my way. When i returned it to my fiance she...

Kay Jewelers / repairs, very poor customer service

Aug 01, 2019

I had always purchased my jewelry at JB Robinson's, never an issue with repairs, sizing nothing. When they closed I had to deal with Kay's to keep my warranties. Have send my engagement and enhancer out 3 times to have size and properly fitted together, after this 3rd time I told them they...

Kay Jewelers / ring went in for repairs

Jul 30, 2019

I asked Kay Jewelers in Massena about having my Mom's mothers ring fixed. A stone had fallen out. I needed one stone replaced and they said that I needed all the prongs replaced (4 stone ring so 16 prongs) although when I sent in didn't ask for that, but they said it needed for them to be...

Kay Jewelers / not told about the product promotion

Jul 27, 2019

Hello my name is Rebecca Simon, am very disappointed my husband and I drove all the way to Plattsburgh to your store to see the chocolate quartz gemstone on July 27th and asked to see the rings and I was interested in purchasing one in the future so I brought home the flyer to see that I...

Kay Jewelers / the love knots bangle bracelet

Jul 25, 2019

Kay JewelersTo whom this may concern, I am filling a complaint about the love knots bangle bracelet. I have had this bracelet for about a month now and it keeps getting stuck in my steering wheel while I'm driving. Today it holemost caused me to crash my car when turning a corner.. I have wore it on...

Kay Jewelers / 12 months same as cash

Jul 24, 2019

Skie bought me a new necklace last year for our anniversary. (Ok I bought it lol) Kay's talked me into doing 12 mths same as cash. I signed up to have them automatically take the payment out every month along w paperless statements. (should have stuck w paper bills) Email came last...

Kay Jewelers / layaway item... gold chain

Jul 24, 2019

Gold chain put in lay away at White Oak store, Richmond, VA23231... Last payment 11-20-2018. Original acct #[protected]...$40 paid on11/20/2018. Customer - Frances V. Gray -525 Bressingham Dr. Richmond VA 23223 Customer passed away April 1 2019. Letter containing death certificate was sent...

Kay Jewelers / customer service/refunds

Jul 16, 2019

I will never buy anything from Kay's I've been waiting on a refund for a layaway since June 26th now is July 16th. Still nothing customer service you get when you call in is just ridiculous I've been waiting for a Supervisor to call me for the past week and the reason is because the one...

Kay Jewelers / 4.5 carat ring costing about $8,000

Jul 11, 2019

Two of the black diamonds fell out of the one side. Waited and waited, way past, on the pickup time on my receipt and which I was guaranteed, to be finished by. Called and called, called the days kept getting longer and the excuses kept getting ridiculous. So finally it's in and...

Kay Jewelers / employees discriminating against customers

Jul 09, 2019

Kay JewelersEmployee Ronnie Willis, blatantly discriminated against paying customers. He not only takes his own hate out on on innocent people's wallets he the brags about it online on social media platforms such as twitter and Instagram. If this is the kind of employees that Kay Jewelers chooses to...

Kay Jewelers / 2801 memorial parkway huntsville alabama

Jun 28, 2019

On 12 Jun 2019 I Turned in a ring that my daughter, Emily Highfield had purchased for me to be sized. I was told and my receipt pick up date is 26 Jun 19. I called and spoke to Kei on that day and she called the jeweler and the assistant found my ring and it was not even worked on yet so...

Kay Jewelers / mothers day ring

May 16, 2019

My husband and 4 year old daughter went shopping for mother's and found the perfect ring at Kay's. My husband paid for his purchase in full and was told the order would be there in 6 days. That was two days before mother's day and would be perfect timing. That Friday, my husband calls and...

Kay Jewelers / service

May 10, 2019

I was in the Francis Scott Key mall in Frederick Maryland today and I walked into Kay jewelers to get my diamond ring cleaned and I needed it looked at because it had some scratches on it that I wanted to get fixed or to see what we can do about it, the rude girl was cleaning another...

Kay Jewelers / wrong arrival date

Apr 22, 2019

My fiance ordered my wedding band in store at Kay on 3/23/19. We were promised an arrival date of 4/8/19. We followed up with the store because we had not heard anything on April 8th and they told us that the employee that sold him the ring was lying to customers about the arrival date on...

Kay Jewelers / terrible customer service store/management

Jan 31, 2019

My boyfriend purchased me a ring on 1/3/19, took it back to be sized (smaller) on 1/26/19, We had the worse customer service ever.. the assoc (# [protected]) took the ring, our information, then proceeded to place the ring under the microscope (taking the pics) she tryed this 4/5 times then...

Kay Jewelers / product not received after mistake on kay jewelers behalf

Jan 20, 2019

I ordered a Men's Cross pendant before Christmas. It arrived a week before Christmas. It was the wrong pendant. I immediately drove a two hour round trip to return in order to have in time for Christmas. The new pendant arrived two days before Christmas. It was the right chain - no pendant...

Kay Jewelers / getting signed up for a credit card without knowing

Jan 17, 2019

On December 2, 2018 I went to Kay Jewelers in Bangor, Maine to have a ring fixed. After paying for the ring to be fixed I was asked by the sales associate if I'd like to be signed up for their rewards card. Thinking it was just a simple rewards card I said yes and went on my way. About a...

Kay Jewelers / sku [protected] 10yg diamond necklace

Jan 06, 2019

This necklace was a 30th wedding anniversary gift, purchased June 2016 costing my husband $566. In April 2018 it was brought back to the Kay store he purchased it at complaining about discoloration. He was told that "inadequate care" aka: perfume, hair spray, sweat were most likely the...

Kay Jewelers / jewelry warranty

Dec 27, 2018

I have been a long time kays customer, I purchased a opal ring and bought the warranty, (which I buy on all my jewelry) and every time I have bought them I am told it's good to have if anything goes wrong it's covered, my opal in my ring broke and I went to have it fixed, I went to kay in...

Kay Jewelers / they lost my band

Dec 18, 2018

I went to get my three rings, two band and one main ring inspected yesterday 12/17/18. A new girl named Ariana was my clerk. She grabbed the rings and took them to the inspection station. When she came back she only handed me two rings back. The main ring and one band. My son which wa...

Kay Jewelers / item purchased and has been for repair 5-times already, item is covered under an extended warranty

Nov 13, 2018

My boyfriend purchased a necklace for me and has been for repair 5-times, as right now is in for repair. Item was purchased at Bergen Mall in Paramus, NJ -customer's name Ramon L. Torres Item is at repair at Garden State Plaza, this item has been dropped off for repair on 5-occassions: May...

Kay Jewelers / in store customer service

Nov 12, 2018

I went to store located in New Iberia, LA. Andrea is the worker who was very rude. Not helpful and didn't know the store merchandise. She was to busy laughing and talking in code to another coworker who was on her cellphone on sales floor. I will never visit that store again. I love Kay...

Kay Jewelers / poor quality engagement ring

Oct 27, 2018

My son went to Kay Jewelers at 21182 Salmon Run Mall Loop, Watertown, NY 13601 while he was stationed in New York. He paid over $ 2700. for an engagement ring. Long story short, he and his fiance split up. He has been to numerous places trying to sell the ring. Everyone tells him the same...

Kay Jewelers / repairs

Oct 23, 2018

Send a diamond wedding wrap for repairs of loose stones at Kays Jewelry...was gone for 2 weeks then i get it back and find out 2 weeks later that the stones are still loose. I go back to store who sent it and all they want to do is resend...i cant get a refund of my money for work that...

Kay Jewelers / refusal to pay for engagement ring that never arrived

Oct 17, 2018

I purchased an engagement ring from Kay Jewelers. It was scheduled to be delivered on 10/16/18. The ring was not delivered so I contacted UPS and they indicated that it was lost in transit and advised me to call Kay and request a replacement. The representative was very rude and indicated...

Kay Jewelers / customer service grand coastal mall myrtle beach sc

Oct 13, 2018

I am a LIFE LONG customer at Kay jewelers. I have had an account for several years. I attend remount events and have spent thousands and thousands of dollars at Kay Jewelers. I have NEVER been treated like I was treated today by any Kay jeweler employee. Today, 10/13/18, I needed my set of Kay...

Kay Jewelers / product service, a ring I ordered for my fiance

Oct 10, 2018

My fiance had purchased my engagement ring and wedding band from the Kay's in Haywood mall, in Greenville SC on February 6, 2018 with no issues. We went in there so he could pick out the ring he liked. On September 19, 2018 I went in alone to purchase his wedding band but I was told it...

Kay Jewelers / asst manager at altamonte springs fl store

Oct 09, 2018

My wedding ring was purchased at the Zales Outlet Prime Outlets in Orlando on August 29, of this year from Willie. This was a pleasurable experience. I took my ring to be cleaned at store #235 in Dulles Town Center Sterling, VA and Aida (store manager) examined my ring and found some loose...

Kay Jewelers / open heart amathest necklace

Oct 03, 2018

My fiance bought my necklace for me for Valentine's Day 2-3 weeks after purchse the chain broke. we went into the store in mishawaka at university park mall where they exchanged the chain. While on vacation in Florida I noticed 3 stones missing took the necklace back in for repairs. We were...

Kay Jewelers / policy

Sep 27, 2018

There is a no gun policy posted at your local store. You handle expensive merchandise and no armed guards on duty in order to keep customers and employees safe. If a customer chooses to carry they should not be restricted from personal safety. Especially if they maintain a local carry...

Kay Jewelers / gold and diamond ladies watch

Sep 14, 2018

On 7/16/2018 we left the watch at the Lakewood store for repairs (store number 1289). Repair Number: [protected] Mr. and Mrs. Sam Robinson We were told it had to be sent out for repair, so we left the watch and waited for a contact person to call us with the price of the repair. They finally...

Kay Jewelers / earrings and bracelet

Sep 04, 2018

Was on hold for over thirty minutes talking back and forth with Christina today. After no success I ask to speak with a supervisor she never put the supervisor on the telephone. I also asked for the General Manager she put me on hold again. She nor the supervisor or the general manager...

Kay Jewelers / employees awful customer service.

Jul 15, 2018

I have been a loyal customer to Kay's jewelry for over 12 years . I purchased a Bulova watch and purchased the lifetime battery warranty. The salesman named Justin at the Kentucky oaks mall in Paducah Ky. Never greeted smiled or even acknowledged that I was there. He replaced the battery...

Kay Jewelers / in store treatment

Jul 10, 2018

Kay Jewelers recently opened a store in Catskill, NY. A friend told me she was in there, and was treated very well by an informed young lady. I went in, Tuesday July 10th, AM. I had seen a silver ring with a Turquoise Stone I was interested in purchasing on your website. I have a couple...

Kay Jewelers / 3 stones fell out of my engagement ring 3 separate times within 4 months.

Jul 02, 2018

When I first received my ring, it had to be re-sized to fit properly. I picked up the ring from the Kay Jeweler's store at Eastview mall after it had been re-sized and one of the side paved stones fell out after just 3 days. I brought it back to the Eastview mall Kay's location and they...

Kay Jewelers / neil lane wedding set

May 06, 2018

Horrible, horrible, horrible ! I've been dealing with an issue since AUGUST of last year ! 9 months ... Kay's has taken my original wedding ring and replaced it with a new one to only damage that one too. They sent me to Jared's ( their sister company ) after Kay's messed up 3 times and...