Jewel-Osco / management

Arlington Heights, IL, United States

5/17/17 I went to the local Jewel Osco at 1860 S Arlington Heights Rd, Arlington Heights, IL to fulfill my raincheck for lotus - quantity of 10lbs entitled to us on the raincheck. They only had 4lbs available when I came back in. I asked them to reissue a raincheck for the remainder 6 lbs or cross out the 10lbs and write 6lbs because I was purchasing the remainder 4lbs they had this time. They said no and that the raincheck needed to be used at one time. The only reason we couldn't use it at one time was because THEY RAN OUT OF LOTUS AGAIN. Is it my fault that this Jewel Osco ran out of stock and I could not fully fulfill my raincheck quantity??!! Kirk (the manager) and cashier were so rude! The cashier seemed lazy and not knowledgable on how to use the system. She also kept confusing my jack fruit with my lotus!! I understand that she may not be familiar with the produce you have in stock (or out of stock I should say for this situation), but it is no reason to be rude! Kirk seemed to be avoiding us when the cashier was trying to call him. When he finally came after pretending not to hear the cashier calling for him, he said they would not honor the request to reissue a raincheck for the remaining 6lbs of lotus on my raincheck or cross out the 10 lbs and write 6lbs since I was only able to get 4lbs as they were out of stock again. I don't even think he bothered to hear the situation - he just said no in 2 seconds. This IS NOT EVEN THE MAIN PROBLEM I HAVE with the scenario!!! When he said he would do it this time only, the cashier kept muttering - "why are you doing this? I thought we weren't supposed to do this." Ok, in what kind of situation is it appropriate for a cashier or any sort of customer service employee to behave this way in front of a customer? AND ON TOP OF THAT - KIRK ( THE MANAGER) HAD THE NERVE TO SAY "WE AREN'T SUPPOSED TO DO THIS. I'M JUST DOING THIS BECAUSE I'M OUT OF PATIENCE HERE". THE MANAGER OF JEWEL OSCO 1860 S Arlington Heights Rd, Arlington Heights, IL SAID THIS IN FRONT OF CUSTOMERS. What kind of customer service is this??!! I was so appalled!!! Instead of getting into a fight in the store about how MANAGEMENT should treat customers and give them a lesson on basic customer courtesy, I decided I needed to contact people who can actually correct this kind of behavior! IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

May 17, 2017

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