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Jet Blue / flight attendents on power trip

1 Austin, TX, United States

My family and I flew to Orlando to Austin on July 1, 2009.We did not have any problems and it was a great flight.On the way back to Austin July 6 and it is a very different story.Checked in with no problem and my daughter was already harness.Gave our bording passes to gate crew and they even said how cute my daughter(23 months old)was(she was wearing bright red harness).Then we get to our seat and everything was fine. My 23 month old has her own seat.That we bought and paid for.We are the first passangers on the flight.My daughter is is buckeled into her seat with her harness and the flight attendant walks by and smiles.Then the cabin doors close and we are taxing down the runway.Then the same flight attendant comes up and starts talking to my huband about my daughters seat that we paid for.She tells him because she is 23 months old my daughter must sit in his lap during take off and landing(My 34 pound daughter who is 23 months old).Then I got invovled.I informed the flight attendant that is dangerous and I am not risking my childs life.We both informed her we have paid for the seat and she said, that does not matter and if we do not follow the rules, she will get her supervisor.I inform her to get him.My husband said why is this a problem now?We came to Orlando on JetBlue with this harness and a seat.No one said anything.One of the flight attendant said I am sorry but FFA regulations require that any child under 24 months must sit in lap or a reproved harness. Then tells us our harness was not preapproved.Then another flight attendant gets involed and says we would have to go back to the gate.I said get the supervisor please. They both stear at me and then one leaves and starts bring flight books to me and putting it my face.I said please stop.She just looks at me.Then we start back towards the gate. A male supervisor comes on and asks me to step off the plane while we discuss this.I ask him is the plane going to leave without me.He informed me it was a possibility’s just looked at him and said no! We did not have any problems with the flight going to Orlando why are we having problems now.No one said anything when we checked in or when we bought the ticket.I told the supervisor I have tickets and it is not in the fine print.He told me that was an IT issue.Then tells me we need to put my daughter in my husband lap during take off and landing.I said no that is dangerous.Then the flight attendant starts talking about my baby getting crushed from my husband if she wears the harness in his seat.Then I hear that and I am crying.I ask if there is a car seat.He says they do not keep those.Then anouther supervisor comes on and says I will go get one.We have them.Then the first Supervisor just looks at me.Then the 2nd supervisor said sorry we are out. Then a third one comes on an apologized.She said she is the inflight supervisor.Everything is fine.Then says my daughter can ride in her seat. We were an hour late leaving. Right before we left. A man came up to me and told me he is with the FBI. No I am not joking. HE said he is with the FBI. He told me I should take care of any discrepancies before flight. I said What and looked at my husband. I was thinking we did not have problems before the flight. Since all this started as we were taxing down the runway, it did not make any since what he was saying. My husband waved him on. He left and why would he say that enless he was told a differnet story. We left the gate just a little bit over an hour late. Everything was fine until beverages were being requested or given out. We asked for bottle water and just got odd looks with no eye contact. She walked away and brought the people in front of us water and the ones in back of us. It took 55 mins for us to get bottle water. There was tubulance. However that was said after everyone but row 19. My family was the only ones on row 19. That was the entire contact we had on flight with them. I got sick on the flight right before landing. I threw up in the little bag in the front. We were very close to the last ones leaving the flight. One of the flight attendents was cleaning and throwing things in trash. I asked her if I could throw this in the trash. She said yes and I put it in there and walked away. As I am walking away she yells did you use this? I said nothing. Why would I throw a sick bag in the trash, if I had not used it. She yells I need to come back and throw this away. I just kept walking. I am thingking this is ridiculous. This entire this was poor customer service and a power trip. The inflight supervisor wanted us to do exactly what we were doing. She said she was sorry for this situation and pated me on the back.The flight attendents did get on the load speaker and tell all the passengers sorry for the delay. The flight attendents never said a thing to my husband or I by ourselves.They just steared at us.If they were trying to make us uncomfortable, they did.However, I do not have to fly that way again.

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