Jet Airwayssajiv from jet airways delhi - mental rape

To whom so ever it may concern
I am a citizen of India and have been residing in the Caribbean island of Stkitts.
I urge you to read my email with patience and please respond back. Let us have faith that there are some people who actually do their jobs

Two of my new employees, single girls from Manipur were scheduled to fly out from Mumbai to Stkitts (Skb)
They reached from Mumbai to Delhi, where in spite of having boarding pass they were stopped and harassed intentionally by Jet airways employees and specifically by Sajiv.
I don't have their last names cause obviously when these girls pulled their phone to record them they all fled from the counter.
Here is what transpired so far
Upon reaching Delhi after being told - you will never fly again. I will make sure you miss your flt these girls were not allowed to board. Both the girls carried a valid work permit of this country where they were heading to, additional landing permit given by the government of Stkitts to extend courtesies and appointment letter of the company .
I have had tens of employees travel that route but they target women - single young women who have never seen the inside of a plane before.
I was on the phone constantly. The airline or any body from the airport refused to speak to us - we were trying to reason out to know what exactly did they NOT have in terms of paper ?
I asked the girls to make a huge noise about it, but not one person came forward. The louder my girls got the more sadistic jet airways employees behaved. They all left and were gone. We found mr Singh from Delhi immigration over the phone after calling customer service - he told us to go to tell the girls to row N and talk to the person there. By now the flight gone, but we needed to know what next ?????
After the employees of jet airways were called in by Mr Singh - the immigration officer - the main in charge of this mess Sajiv. He did not go into the office. Ms upasna was sent in and earlier when I spoke to her she refused to give her name. Not one person wanted to give their name as all the immigration and the airlines - all are hand in glove.
After repeated calls from here from our end, and threats to go to the higher authorities they wanted to get rid of these two girls.
From 3.15 am in the morning until next morning 7.30 am IST I have been talking to upasna the shift in charge . The blame game went on.
Upasna agreed that someone on their end has screwed up.
The girls were to fly mum- ams-sxm-Skb...on jet from Mumbai to sxm and then on list
liaT airline from sxm to Skb.

Since Sajiv in his rage of sadistic streak didn't see the girls tickets he apparently decide to not let them onboard because sxm needs a visa to enter. These girls were in transit, this is the ONLY route for a Indian pp holder to get to Skb without having to enter any US airports .
So tickets worth over two lakes had gone waste, these girls were left high and Dry on the airport, even asked by Sajiv how much money they carried !!!
They had only usd 150 in their pockets, no place to stay if sent back to Mumbai as they used to rent a room ! No place in Delhi the rape capital of india .

After over seven hrs later the shift in charge who had NO Choice but to get rid of them was trying to book them on a flt via Paris - from where they would have been sent back again to Mumbai as you require a us visa for transit thru Paris or a Paris visa.

I had to explain this to ms upasna the shift in charges out these rules.

Both the girls have been sent back from Delhi to Mumbai given a new ticket and treated like ###. They are told now to fly from Mumbai on tenth.
No accommodation or food expense was provided. When I demanded and spoke to upasna her shift was to end so I was told to speak to ms Rina in. Mumbai the shift in charge there Rina showed up girls got there bags broken for no fault of theirs.
As of now they are living in a room were five girls are sharing one room with them makes it seven girls.
Upasna was kind enough to say sorry yes it's our fault but then there is only this she could do after I have been hammering them on the phone.
I threatened to go legal, inform media about this harassment to single innocent girls who don't have too much money to hand them under the table ...this is what they get. Like hooligans with every valid document they are told they will not go on this flight in fact they will NEVER fly again.

Now while these two girls from Manipur are left stranded in Bombay with no where to stay, under a 100 usd to get thru till the tenth, this humiliation and aggravation, women who want to grow and move ahead in life, dreams ruined wit a nightmarish experience - what action gets taken ?
Probably none. Because this is just me screaming for help for justice, and action on Sajiv and his boisterous jet airways team - why no action will probably be taken because
These are two women
Single girls
Can't speak fluent Hindi or English
Have almost no money to even get thru for the next six days
Because they didn't bribe them
Or flirt there way to the final gate ?
What are the reasons or all of the above.

This is NOT the first case. Please ask the Indian citizens residing in the Caribbean islands repeatedly this happens when someone flies from Delhi airport.
Being a girl is indeed a crime in Delhi.
Men like these rape them mentally if they can't physically and no one speaks of this

Rest assured the pen is mighty than sword and hopefully there will be some body who respects women and chooses to take action.
Please do respond back to me on [protected] If the people in charge from jet or iata or ms swarJs office doesn't respond hopefully this will be sent to a few thousands and people will be made aware.
Please forward my email to everybody that you know so men like Sajiv never have the courage to harass a single girl again.
#jetairways #delhiairport

Seema Shahani

Feb 05, 2017

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