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Vivaaerobus Reviews 6

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Vivaaerobus Unreliable and Unhelpful: My Frustrating Experience with Vivaaerobus

The second time they cancelled the flight, they did send an email, but it was only a few hours before the scheduled departure time. This caused me a lot of stress and inconvenience, as I had to scramble to find another flight. When I called customer service to ask for a refund or compensation, they were unhelpful and rude. They kept transferring me to different departments and no one seemed to know what was going on. It was a frustrating experience and I would not recommend flying with Vivaaerobus.

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Vivaaerobus Terrible Experience with Vivaaerobus: Luggage Stolen and Poor Customer Service

I had a really bad experience with Vivaaerobus. I was traveling to LAX and had to go through Customs and Border Patrol due to my visa status. Unfortunately, this took longer than expected and by the time I was verified, the luggage carrousel had stopped and my luggage was taken somewhere. When I asked where my luggage was, I was referred to an office that was closed. I had to go home without my personal belongings.

The next day, I returned to locate my luggage, which I was able to do, luckily. However, when I checked on the items inside my luggage, I discovered that all of my earrings had been stolen along with a couple other smaller items. This was really frustrating and disappointing. I felt violated and angry that someone had gone through my personal belongings and taken my things.

Overall, I would not recommend Vivaaerobus to anyone. The fact that my items were stolen from my luggage is unacceptable and shows a lack of security and responsibility on their part. I will never fly with them again and would advise others to choose a different airline if possible. It's just not worth the risk of having your personal belongings stolen.

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Vivaaerobus Disappointing Experience with Vivaaerobus: Cancelled Flight, Poor Customer Service, and Technological Issues

I recently booked a flight with Vivaaerobus from Houston to Veracruz with a layover in Guadalajara. However, my flight was cancelled and I was rebooked on a different flight from Houston to Monterey with a 10-hour layover before continuing on to Veracruz. This change meant that I had to leave Houston much earlier than planned, which was very inconvenient. Despite my request for a refund or some kind of accommodation, Vivaaerobus refused to help me in any way. Needless to say, I was very disappointed with their customer service and will not be flying with them again.

When it came time to check in for my flight, I decided to do it online to avoid the long lines at the airport. However, when I arrived at the TSA checkpoint, my online boarding pass wouldn't work and neither would the printed one. I had to go back to the check-in counter and stand in line for over an hour just to be told that they didn't know what the problem was. Then, I had to go back and stand in the 45-minute line at TSA. It was a frustrating experience that could have been avoided if Vivaaerobus had better technology or staff training.

The gate experience was no better. There was another long line to board the plane and the staff seemed disorganized and unprepared. It was a chaotic scene that made me feel uneasy about the flight ahead.

Finally, when I got on the plane, I was disappointed to find that I had to buy a drink and that they wouldn't accept American Express, Discover, or cash. It was a frustrating experience that left me feeling like I had wasted my money on a subpar airline.

Overall, my experience with Vivaaerobus was terrible. From the cancelled flight to the check-in process to the flight itself, everything seemed to go wrong. I would not recommend this airline to anyone and will be looking for other options in the future.

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Vivaaerobus Disappointing Experience with Vivaaerobus: Delayed Flight, Missed Connection, and Poor Customer Service

My experience with Vivaaerobus was not a pleasant one. My flight from Los Cabos to Monterrey was delayed by 55 minutes, causing me to worry about making my connection to Houston. Despite repeatedly asking the flight attendants about the connection, they assured me that the plane would wait for us. However, upon arrival in Monterrey, we were told that the plane was full and the gate was closed.

After waiting for over an hour and speaking to two different supervisors, we were forced to take a flight to San Antonio the next day, instead of our original destination of Houston. This was a major inconvenience for my family, which included two kids and one elderly adult who required wheelchair assistance. We waited at the Monterrey airport for five hours, from 7pm to 11:45pm, for flights to be rearranged and transportation to come take us to the hotel.

The entire experience was stressful, tiring, and a major interruption of our vacation and schedule. It was a disaster and a terrible memory that I would rather forget. To make matters worse, it has been two months since I submitted reimbursement documents for rental car fees, as promised by two supervisors, but I have yet to receive a response from Vivaaerobus.

I understand that delays and cancellations can happen, but the lack of communication and follow-up from Vivaaerobus has left a bad taste in my mouth. I hope that the company can improve its customer service and take responsibility for its mistakes in the future.

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Vivaaerobus Frustrating and Disappointing Experience with Vivaaerobus: A Review

My wife and I recently had an experience with Vivaaerobus that left us feeling frustrated and disappointed. While my wife is fluent in Spanish and has experience traveling in Spanish-speaking countries, my own language skills are not as strong and I tend to get stressed when traveling. Unfortunately, our experience with this airline did not help matters.

We encountered a number of issues when trying to make our reservation and modify it later on. The website was not user-friendly and did not allow us to make the changes we needed. When we tried to get help through Facebook messenger, we were met with unhelpful responses that left us feeling frustrated. We even had to pay extra to book over the phone because the website was not working properly.

When we called the call center for assistance, we were told that we would need to come to the airport the day before our flight. When we arrived at the airport at the recommended time, we were told that we were too early and would need to pay a fee to be helped. We also encountered issues with our stroller, which was slightly over the weight limit, and with our seat assignments, which we had already paid for but were told were not valid.

All of these issues added up to six hours of hassle and frustration, which was far more costly to us than the $30 we saved by choosing this airline. It was disappointing to see that Vivaaerobus did not seem to value helpful staff members, as we encountered many unhelpful employees who seemed to lack basic customer service skills.

However, we did encounter one employee who was intelligent, empathetic, and genuinely ashamed of the poor customer service we had received from his colleagues. It was a shame that this airline did not seem to celebrate employees like him, and instead seemed to attract and employ people who were not up to the task of providing good customer service.

Overall, our experience with Vivaaerobus was frustrating and disappointing. While we appreciate the savings we were able to get by choosing this airline, we would hesitate to fly with them again in the future.

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Vivaaerobus Deceitful App and Pre-Historic System: My Terrible Experience with Vivaaerobus

I had an experience with Vivaaerobus last year that I will never forget. I was traveling from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta and decided to use their app to pay for my carry-on bag. At first, the payment did not go through, but eventually, it did. However, when I arrived at the gate, their system showed that I had not paid for my carry-on, even though the app showed me otherwise. I offered to pay for it again, but they refused to accept any payments at the gate. They forced me to miss my flight and walk all the way back to the check-in counter to make the payment. When I got there, they told me that there were no other flights for that day and that I would have to pay for the whole ticket again if I wanted to fly the next day.

I was shocked and humiliated by their service. Their app was deceitful, and their system was pre-historic. They did not offer any possible solution to the problem that their app had caused me. I felt disrespected and mistreated by the company. I would never recommend anyone to fly with Vivaaerobus. Instead, I would suggest using airlines like Air Mexico or Volaris, which are modern and offer better customer service. They accept payments at the gate and can help you with any last-minute problems that may arise. So, do yourself a favor and avoid Vivaaerobus at all costs.

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About Vivaaerobus

Screenshot Vivaaerobus
Vivaaerobus is a Mexican low-cost airline that operates both domestic and international flights. It was founded in 2006 and has since become one of the most popular airlines in Mexico. The airline is known for its affordable prices and excellent customer service, making it a top choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Vivaaerobus operates a fleet of modern aircraft, including Airbus A320 and Boeing 737-300 planes. The airline offers a range of services to its passengers, including in-flight entertainment, food and beverage options, and comfortable seating. Passengers can also choose from a variety of ticket options, including basic, plus, and max fares, depending on their needs and budget.

One of the key advantages of flying with Vivaaerobus is its extensive route network. The airline operates flights to over 40 destinations in Mexico, as well as to several international destinations, including the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean. This makes it easy for travelers to explore different parts of Mexico and beyond, without breaking the bank.

In addition to its affordable prices and extensive route network, Vivaaerobus is also known for its commitment to safety and reliability. The airline has a strong safety record and adheres to strict safety standards, ensuring that passengers can travel with peace of mind.

Overall, Vivaaerobus is a top choice for travelers looking for an affordable and reliable airline in Mexico. With its modern fleet, excellent customer service, and extensive route network, it is no wonder that the airline has become a favorite among budget-conscious travelers.
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