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Jennifer Convertibles / scam warranty

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On 5/2/08 I purchased a Maverick Cobblestone Sofa from Jennifer Convertible. The piece was delivered on 5/9/08. There was a minor issue with a recliner handle (it stuck a little on one side) but it worked so we accepted the item. In early August I noticed a lump in the center cushion and checked underneath to find 2 pieces of the wood frame were broken. One piece which connected the frame to the springs sheared in half and was hanging underneath (causing the odd lump in the cushion). I called Jennifer Convertible's customer service line on 8/7 and was told an engineer would have to come and inspect it. The engineer had up to 5 days to call then another 10 days to report after visiting.

2 days later I received a call and was informed no one could come to my home until 8/24 - 3 weeks after my complaint. On 8/24/08 an outside technician came and fixed the handle but verbally stated he couldn't fix broken wood. He clearly indicated this was a problem and that should not have happened to the sofa.

After hearing nothing from Jennifer Convertible I called on 9/5/08 and was informed my claim was denied because of Customer Abuse per the technician's report. I asked to speak to a manager and they would not transfer me. Jennifer Convertible did offer to send another engineer to inspect but the process has to start over. I've had this broken sofa, that they are claiming I broke by abuse in my home for over month. I presume they define sitting on it as abuse, then yes I'm responsible, but if not this process seems absurd and unfair.

I called the store and spoke to my salesperson, he stated they could not help at the store level and that I had to fight it out with customer service group. The secretary of the technician, she stated his report does not indicate an opinion, it is impartial, he reports back to the company and they, not he, renders a decision based on the report. The customer service group told me the opposite.

After this conversation I was transferred to a manager at Jennifer and left a voice mail that went unreturned. While they are sending a 2nd person I believe this whole process is a sham. Their sales invoice indicates they will replace a new product due to defect, faulty materials or poor workmanship for up to one year. I owned this sofa for 3 months and they are telling me it was my abuse or normal wear and tear that caused a wood frame to break. In other words if Jennifer Convertibles simply tells everyone who complains that the damage was caused by the customer then the company can walk away from their guarantee which is a joke and clearly what is happening here.

The second problem is that if a Jennifer Convertible sofa's frame can break after 90 days of use from normal wear and tear, no one and I mean no should purchase a thing from them.

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  • Da
      18th of Sep, 2008
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    Thankfully I decided NOT to purchase anything from Jenniffer Convertable. I visited their store in bay Ridge Brooklyn NY and after asking questions of their "saleswoman", I found she knew NOTHING about the products; even to the prices! It amazed me b/c the price tag was clearly on the sofa & she was quoting me a completely different, & more expensive, price. In addition to that, I found their shipping prices to be outrageous. At $99 to ship one item, then exponential increases for whatever esle I wanted, it was rediculous. At least IKEA chareged $90 for the first 15 items! The final straw was when I was asking about the price of some of their "packages" and she made a comment of "well that's why its called a sale!". After setting her staright about her attitude I told her if she used some of that energy to be knowledgable about the products it may go a bit further with an actual sale! As an aside, while I was in small claims court representing one of my client's recently, one of the defendants in an action was Jennifer Convertable! Small wonder there! I would NEVER buy anything from them!

  • Tr
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    On January 29 2009 I Purchased a leather sofa from the Jennifer Convertiables location in the downtown section of Brooklyn. I saw the leather sofa and there was an instant love at first sight! They Guaranteed the delivery date would be febuary 20, 2009. It just so happens that the they said the elevator was too small, however i asked if they the delivers could carry the sofa up the stairs they gave their boss and excuse that they may scratch the furniture and at the same time i was on the phone with the company and the saleman Anthony herad me yelling for the drivers to come back, these ### of drivers completely ingnored me and kept loading my couch on the the delivery truck! Anthony kept apologizing but all the i'm sorrys in the world couldn't help my anger! I told anthony that he would see me that next morning. as i arrived I made it my business to see the salesman "Anthony" I told anthony that I wanted my money back his response was that if we give you your money back that the company is entitled to keep 30% of my money, i was outraged I really gave them my ### to kiss! Then they offered me the option to disassemlbe the sofa but it will cost me $200.00 FOR THEM TO TAKE IT APART AND PUT IT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN !!! Un real! Then they told me that the delivery date would be on March 12, 2009 and that they would discount $100.00 this even pissed me off more! this delivery won't take place for another 4 weeks and i have nothing to relax on and further more I feel for all this trouble more money should have been discounted! I Have had it with Jennifer ConvertIbles. and I will never ever buy anything from them again! I also plan to call help me howard on thier ###! for lack poor business relations!!!

  • Gi
      2nd of May, 2009
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    I had the same warranty issue they sent a tech out and claimed abuse this is a true scam and I am so upset about this I purchased Lifetime warranty they could not fix the issue I had on the first day ... no new sofa just trouble trouble trouble they should not even be in buisness thet are horrible do not buy anyhting from this Company Jennifer Convertables are just thieves

  • Me
      25th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have the same warranty issue too! The life time warranty is a ruse! I don't think any body got benefit from their "life time warranty"!I'll never buy anything from them again!

  • Le
      5th of Jun, 2009
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    I'm going through the same thing with them right now only they are telling me that the stains on my couch should've been reported within 7 days for my lifetime warranty to take effect!! Outrageous!! The customer service rep would NOT transfer me to a supervisor. I sent a letter to the local new consumber complaint because i can see i'm not the only one who has issues with them! I'm appauled!

  • Ps
      23rd of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I bought the "New Yorker" from JC at Paramus, NJ location on 3/7/09. The sofa was out of stock so it did not get delivered until 4/9/09. On Sunday, 5/31/09, my hubby and I were sitting on the sofa and all of sudden, one side of it just collapsed. Both of us aren't big so I don't believe the collapsing was caused by our weight. On Monday, 6/1/09, I called the customer service and they were nice enough to return my phone call by Wednesday, 6/3/09, notifying me a technician will come out to inspect the problem on the coming Monday, 6/8/09. Well, everything went pretty smooth...I thought. After the technician came and inspected the sofa, he stated that it is not fixable and JC has to exchange a brand new one for us. Now, the fun part begins...

    First, I called them on Thursday, 6/11/09 for an update. They said work orders normally take at least 5 business days for them to be entered in the system. Okay, so I called the following Monday, 6/15/09. Now, the rep I spoke to this time said WO is not yet in the system due to all WO takes up to 7-10 business days to be processed in the system. Okay, 7-10 days this time. Alright, so I called again on Friday, 6/16/09. Finally, our WO is in BUT, technician stated totally different than what he said to me in person. The sofa is now fixable and they had to order the parts from the manufacturer. The rep also asked me to call them back for the status of it the following week.

    Okay, so I called them AGAIN on Tuesday, 6/23/09 for an update. Now they confirmed that the order has been placed with the manufacturer but it hasn't been shipped out yet. And as a consumer, we will have to wait AT LEAST 4 weeks for either a tracking number (it'll be shipped via Fed Ex, per CS) or the status of the parts. Once we receive the parts at home, I'll have to call them back to schedule an appointment for the technician to come out. After the tech tries his best, if it's still not fixable, THEN JC will replace a new one for us.

    Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? Basically, we'll be out of sofa with no place to sit for AT LEAST a good 2 1/2 months!!

    PLEASE, I encourage EVERYONE, BAN JENNIFER CONVERTIBLES...not only their products suck BIG TIME, their customer service is UNBELIEVABLY POOR!!

  • Br
      21st of Dec, 2010
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    Jennifer Convertibles)
    171 US Highway 1 South
    Metuchen, NJ 08840
    I spent thousands of dollars buying a new leather living room set from Jennifer convertible: probably the most expensive set in the show room.. 1st mistake was buying from Jennifer convertible! 2nd mistake, I paid all the extras for the protection, warranty, etc! years later, the set is falling apart, rips stitching, sinking seats. I called to make a complain, the technician that came to look at my furniture told me that unless someone puts a knife in the furniture nothing can be done to fix it or replace it. Sara from the complaints department was rude and told me the opposite the technician told me.

    Please note these rips and sticking were not cause by me. I can send you a picture of my furniture sets I purchase from Bombay before they went out of business, spotless.


  • Ab
      7th of Apr, 2011
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    Jennifer Convertibles Inc - Company literally stole $224 - Couch Set plus delivery
    Jennifer Convertibles Inc
    United States

    On August 20th, I went to Jennifer Convertible’s in Vienna, Virginia, to purchase the New Yorker 3 piece special on sale for $799.99.

    I made the purchase and arranged the delivery date, which could not be delivered until September 8th. Then, the saleswoman asked if I wanted the “Upholstery Shield Fabric / Leather protection plan” to which I declined. When I said “no thanks” she said in a very condescending tone “Are you sure you don’t want this? Your furniture might be delivered with stains if you don’t purchase this wonderful deal and we are not responsible for that.” I firmly said no thank you I do not want to pay an extra $200. I paid for the full balance of $1, 019.98 and left the store with my receipt.

    On Thursday, September 6th, I received a call stating that my furniture would be delivered as scheduled on September 8th between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. AND that I had a $209.98 balance payable by money order. I had a very busy week that week at work and was unable to pull out my receipt and figure out what was going on. That Saturday morning right at 8:30 a.m. the delivery men were at my front door stating they couldn’t bring up my furniture until I gave them the balance due. I sleepily said OK sure let me find my check book and the delivery guy informed me he would need a money order or certified check. (I am sorry, but my generation has never heard of a certified check AND since I had paid everything up front, I didn’t look at the fine print regarding payment of COD balances.)

    The delivery guy said that I would be charged with another delivery fee if I couldn’t pay the balance right then. I did not want to mess with two delivery fees of $179.99, so I told the guy I could go and get cash out of the ATM. I had to leave to delivery guys at my apartment alone, while I went out at 8:45 a.m.

    on a Saturday morning and pull out $220 cash AND pay a $2 transaction fee at the ATM AND a $2 from my own bank. Then, the delivery men had no kind of copy of a receipt for me to take to prove that I actually did pay the balance. After the delivery men left, I noticed weird blue marks on my furniture as well.

    First thing Monday morning, I called the store where I bought my furniture, and asked them to explain why I had a balance on my account and had to pay the delivery men when clearly stated on my receipt I had no balance. The lady on the phone was polite and looked into the matter. Apparently, the “Upholstery Shield Fabric / Leather Protection Plan” was added to my order afterwards by mistake. (It was supposed to be added to a different order supposedly). I told the lady that was rather ironic because first, I clearly did not want and two, my furniture actually came with markings on it. She put me on a hold for a second and then got back on the phone and said “When can I send a technician to your house to fix the stains?” I restated again that I did not want that Fabric protection plan and I want my money back and I want to be reimbursed for this huge inconvenience Jennifer’s Convertibles has put me through. She then informed me that the store could only refund me my money.

    I called every day that week to check on the status of my “refund” only to be told things like “Only a manager can process a refund.” “The manager is not in.” “The manager is at a meeting with the regional rep.” “The manager is new and needs to get permission from corporate headquarters.” Then I was finally told that my refund would be issued by check from corporate.

    On September 18, I finally received a call from corporate headquarters stating they received the complaint letter I sent them. Then the lady told me that I shouldn’t have been confused about the payment of the balance since it is clearly stated on my receipt, but she apologized for the ordeal. Then, she informed me that my refund is being processed and my credit card will be refunded. I didn’t pay the balance with my credit card. I paid the balance with cash. I wonder if they will reimburse the full $224 that I had to spend OR if I will just get back my $209.98?

    I am very disappointed – a voicemail left on my personal phone does not suffice for this inconvenience.

  • Sh
      20th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes
    Jennifer Convertibles - False Advertisement
    Jennifer Convertibles
    United States

    I was looking to purchase a sofa bed so decided to wait till a big sale came along. Here we are Memorial Day Weekend, Jennifer is having this great sale $399.00 for sofa beds.

    Well, I went to several of their locations only to find that in their showroom ... they only had 2 sofa beds to chose from and they looked like garbage! In my book this is false advertisment. Don't run these sales if you do not have the merchandise that you are advertising.

    I will not be wasting my time with them again. Thanks for nothing Jennifer!

  • He
      20th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    It's called "Bait and Switch"...Very old scam.

  • Mi
      21st of Jun, 2011
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    Jennifer Convertibles - Wish I never walked into the store
    Jennifer Convertibles
    United States

    I made a purchase at JC on 4/7/11. I paid in full decided that I will pick up the merchandise instead of paying for a delivery. The warehouse is less than 3 miles from my home. My pick up date was 4/14/11. The furniture was in 3 boxes which needed to be assemble.(no problem). I get the furniture home opened box #1 and assemble(no problem), box #2 no problem. Now box #3. Like the others it was boxed & taped up, plastic in tack. This piece had a perfect L shaped tear on the leather seating part. After seeing this I contacted the store notified them. I was told someone will contact me in 48hours & then they will send a technician out. Okay proceed to take the merchandise out and found numerous tears in the back, back corner looks like its been resting on the wall. The most shocking is the legs to the furniture. The legs were stored in a zipper compartment of the sectional, they were wrapped in plastic but had scratches on them. Once again contacted the store to inform them of my findings. i was told once again I will receive a cal in 48 hours.

    Someone contacted me in 2weeks time(unacceptable), Technician arrived a week and half after that. Once the technician came he was in my home for no more the 5 mins with a pen ¬epad. After he wasted my time I contacted customer service to find out whats the next step. I was told in 7-10 business days they will have a response.

    The technician determine it was me that damaged the furniture(bs). Due to that I was told they can do nothing for me. End result they sent another Tech out. This one was on point taking pics, lifting the furniture to inspect. He said there is no way you did this damage. But he told me what JC will do. Repairing is what he said they will do. At this time already Ive sent a certified letter to Mr.Abada(president) in Annapolis Md.I request for the damage piece to be replaced & a refund of the protection plan. Reason why is because I dealing with so much crap from JC I'm certain that the protection plan company is the same way!.

    End result I have no resolution.. Every time you call the lying to you, putting you thru a run around and stress?. At this point I want my money back:. I didn't pay for new furniture to be repaired.. Jennifer convertible is the worst:. I will keep you all updated.. Sorry its so long...

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