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JD Byrider / terrible company

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I had some financial trouble in the past with mostly medical bills and had to file bankruptcy. Due to this I couldn't get a car loan. The car I was driving was a 94 with over 220K miles. It was always breaking down and that was making me miss work. I needed another car. I didn't have the money for a big down payment and ended up at JD Byrider. Well, at first the "program" sounded great and the salesman, who doesn't work for them anymore, made it sound wonderful. I had never bought a car before with payments since all the others I had were bought outright from friends and private deals.

So, I signed up for the "program" and bought a 2001 Ford Taurus with 73K miles. It ran great for the first few months but now the trans is slipping badly, the rotors are warped and a bunch of little things like dash lights and mirror adjustments are not working.

A few months ago, August 20th, I lost my job but found another one quickly and didn't fall behind on my payments at all. I did call them to see if I could pay weekly since that is how the new job was paying me and they said that was fine. All was well for a bit until I realized I wasn't able to keep that job due to the lifting requirement not being disclosed to me at first and my health not allowing me to do it. So, I went to another job which is working out great. In the month that I was out of work I fell one week behind on my payments and the phone calls started. They call me sometimes 5 times a day even though I just made a payment in person and they were very nice. The account manager who holds my account, Debbie at the Hermitage, PA location, is EVIL! I called the one week to let them know that I got mandated and would not be able to make it in by 6pm to make my payment. I would drive up after work to put it in the drop box. She literally screamed at me and told me I was an irresponsible idiot and if I wanted to keep my car then I would find a way up there right then to pay it. Up to this point I had never been even a day late!

Right now, I still have the car but am a week behind on payments because I don't get a check until the 11/05 and I told them this and that I would catch up everything on that day. They keep telling me they're coming to get my car so I keep hiding it even though I've never seen a tow truck at my house, I have video surveillance. I don't know how soon they actually come to repo but that Debbie lady told me that if I was even 1 day late they would be out that night to get my car.

They have no sympathy for anyone. Haven't any of them ever fallen in a pinch and needed a few weeks to pay something? Have a heart people. I'm not *** that they sold me a car that was worth 5K for over 11K or that it is already having problems which they won't fix. I just wanted a short amount of time to get caught up. I will never recommend them to anyone and I am going through a legal service to find out if there is any recourse for harassment and being treated the way that woman did to me. I don't speak to anyone in that way and I sure won't accept it from her.

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  • Vy
      29th of Oct, 2008
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    I too was such a victim in the Canton OHIO area from this company.

    My payment's were automatically taken from the checking account. They took the payment out whenever: it was never the same time as stated in the contract, which bounced my account a couple times and they sure didn't pay the overdraft fee's either.

    I switched job's and told this company I had to change my due date to the 15th and last day of the month. This company refused to work with me and kept charging me a late fee payment on top of the regular car payment.

    Several times a week the office girl named Tena would call and leave messages my payment was late and when was I making it.
    Repeatedly I told her. I only get paid on the 15th and the last day of the month. She was very rude and told me I had to pay it or they'd reposs the car.

    Then she was calling my employer asking to give me a message.
    They even sent them a letter verifying when my payday's were and they were willing to do payroll deduction. This company refused saying they could not change the due date.

    On June 21st, 07 Tena called me saying I had to make the car payment now and the late charge fee or they were going to repose the car. I told them fine come and get it it was sitting in the driveway and the key was in the glove box. For three weeks the car sat in the driveway. Finally I had enough and drove the car to their car lot on the corner of West Tusc. and Wertz in Canton OH Friday the 13th, July 07.

    On the 18th I went in and sign release paper's on the car.

    Several weeks later I received a notice in the mail saying:
    ON 7/25/7 CNAC repossessed your 2000 CHEVROLET IMPALA
    serial number 2G1WP55E6Y9265624. The Collateral for you loan #1708056.
    You are in default because
    1. You failed to pay your installments when due 7/2/7.
    2. You failed to maintain full coverage car insurance with CNAC as Loss Payee.
    3. CNAC, in good faith, believes that you cannot, or will not, pay or perform Your obligations under the Retail Instamment Contract.

    If this is your second, or greater, default you must pay off with cash or certified funds the entire Loan balance before NA in order to reclain vehicle. If your vehicle was impounded by the public official, you many not be able to reclaim the vehicle. In that case you will have to contact that official or agency to determine your rights to the vehicle. If this is your first under the Contract, you may cure this default be paying to CNAC, in cash or certified funds in total of:
    1. Installments due and past due $632.48
    2. Unpaid delinguency charges $ 40.00
    3. Redemption Fee * $ 25.00
    *Note: the total repossession expense is $205.00 of which $180 will be added to your loan balance, if you reclaim the vehicle.
    4. Security deposit equal to two (2) installments $316.24
    5. TOTAL $1013.72

    YOU MUST ALSO RE-QUALIFY FOR YOUR LOAN by providing veriable proof of residence full time regular employment, sufficient income for all obligations, working home phone number, and full coverage car insurance policy that list CNAC as loss payee/lien holder as required by your loan contract.

    Such payments and information must be received by CNAC no later than 21 days after your vehicle was repossessed that date is 8/14/7 you do not cure the default before that date, CNAC will sell the above-mentioned vehicle at public auction on 8/18/07 11AM at Consolidated Auto Auction, 351 16th Street SW, New Philadelphia OH 44663. The vehicle will not be sold for less than $50.00.

    Your vehicle is now in a storage lot and will remain there until the day of the auction. You may recover any personal items remaining in the vehicle up to 30 days after the date of Repossession. If you need to retrieve items before that time, you may call us to arrange a mutually agreeable time and place for you to remove those items from the vehicle.

    Funny part is my brother and I took the car to the car lot on W> Tusc and Wertz in Canton OHIO on Friday the 13th, July 07 and put the key inside their drop box. I also went in and signed a release paper saying I turned the vehicle in because they refused to change the due date on my payments due to a job change pay days were not until the 15th and last day of the month. So how could the I D 10 T's have repossessed it. DAH!!! Here's your sign dumby.

    The full coverage on the vehicle was not cancelled until July 31st, 2007. My insurance agent notifed them by mail when I showed her a copy of the above letter they sent me.

    Notice in the above letter they say they are going to requalify you for the loan, yet when I only wanted them to change my due date they flat of refused to do it.

    Now I have to go to court over this ###.

  • Be
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    In November 2008 i purchased a car from J.D. BYRIDER in Kernersville, NC at that time, my husband was receiving disability from a stroke and I was working full time. In January 2009, I lost my job and was not eligible for unemployment and the IRS began taking $322 from my husband's disability pension for moneys owed. Up until that time, payments were made on time every month. In June 09 we started having problems with making payments on time. Instead of making them every month we were making them every 2 weeks and admittingly, sometimes they would fall behind but I would still keep in contact with them to let them know what was going on. My husband has no health insurance and has to pay for his medication and office visits monthly. After contacting them, they harassed me daily, calling back to back and sometimes sales people would show up at the door. They even called my references after I had already spoken to them, to let them know my business. My car was repossessed on August 21st 2009, after making a payment on the 12th of August as well as giving them $305 for backpay. Again, we have no car and I do not know how I will be able to take my husband to his doctor visits.

    J.D. ByRider is heartless and I would not suggest for anyone to purchase a car from them.

  • H8
      16th of Dec, 2009
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    I totally agree, they are heartless crooks! We too also purchased a 98 ford windstar fro them, which I did not want, I wanted to get a newer van but the salesman kept telling me those cars weren't ready to be sold yet, a buch of BS, but because we needed a vehicle, my husband agreed to get the 98 van, they had us put down $2400 that we made in installments then $378 a month, we got the van in may 06' and they told us it would be paid in full nov 09, now they are telling us, the payments end in feb 2010, I just don't know how the hell we owe that much for a piece of crap old van, I mean I totalled up what we paid, and it is well over $15, 000 for a 98 van, I mean I can but a brand new van for that price! Now we are delinquent in payments but never gave back the van yet! I feel they got way more than they should got andi still have the van. Well I will just wait and see what next! Just tired of these clowns taking people who try to do the right thing for a ride, now I'm taking them 4 a ride!!!

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