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JD Byriderfraud and cheating

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I bought a 99 Oldsmobile Intrigue three and a half years ago from the JD Byrider in Appleton Wisconsin. I was between a rock and a hard place because I was moving out of state and had no established credit history so no car company would finance me.

My car ran fine for the first three months but quickly started to fall apart. Within a year and a half of buying the car I needed the transmission replaced, the gears fixed because they apparently 'slipped out of place' so park was reverse etc. and finally the engine broke down and needed to be completely replaced. All three problems were quite expensive to fix.

I am a student a could not afford the thousands of dollars it would cost to fix the engine on top of my $300.00 a month car payment. I will make my last payment this week and have not been able to drive my car for over a year and a half. I have lost thousands of dollars to this company and was clearly taken advantage of.


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    chris Fit Jul 27, 2019
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    Same I have had my car for 2 years and some months had a “new motor put in with in the warranty thank god 20k miles later they. Harassed me for being 1 day late no tollarance policy emails and text super unprofessional here I am one week late and my car stuck In the middle of no where and have to Replace a head gasket water pump and fuel exhaust system for $2300 and JD Byrider send me a text the this Friday 7 days past due they are towing my vehicle such a [censored]ty company with poor practices with I have paid more then this vehincle price off already 12k off on it such a poor company to work with.


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  • Na
    nancetta1 Jul 10, 2017

    I have been very happy with JD Byrider here in Colorado Springs since I got my car in January of 2016. Yet now they're closing their location here and I've given all the service work to Phil Long auto value or a value car next door to them. I would like to know if this is legal and also are they going to call me back to get work done on my car anytime soon. I feel like now it's going to take forever because we're probably on the bottom of their list of people to work on

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    JDByridersucks Mar 10, 2017
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    They are complete and total rip off artists who prey on the unfortunate. My daughter was stuck with a 600 dollar a month car payment on a 12, 000 dollar car that isn't worth 3, 000 blue book. Shame on these people, and the rude ### of the earth that work in Medina Ohio. The woman yelled at my daughter, after she lost her job, and told her they would auction her vehicle off (getting perhaps a couple hundred dollars since that is all it is actually worth) then she would STILL be sued, and on the hook for the remaining 8000 (plus court costs I am sure). She is in between a rock and a hard place, and these people (especially the POS woman that works there) have done nothing but make her life hell. They are awful people, this is an awful business, and should be illegal. How can you justify selling a car to a 24 year old girl for 3X it's actual value just because the kid doesn't have established credit? They will lie to people until they sign on the bottom line and are then just screwed. Pathetic people, pathetic business. SicKENING in every sense of the word.

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    Tresamm Sep 07, 2016
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    My history first: Bad credit due to bankruptcy, due to divorce, then helped with parent's medical bills, & by that time I was just so frustrated with credit that I did not even try to repair it, I just started paying cash for everything. Well eventually I needed a car & that was the one thing I could not pay for in cash. So, as you can imagine, getting a car loan was next to impossible due to my credit & IF I could get financed, I couldn't come up with the down payment. A friend told me he had gotten his car at JD Byrider & while he hadn't had it long, he was very satisfied with them. I went to talk to them & I will have to say, buying from them is definitely not like buying from a regular dealership & I am not fond of change so I was a little frustrated with their system. But I reminded myself that they had their system & I was not really in a position to argue seeing as how my credit was NOT good! The buying process was painless...they worked with me on my down payment, they made sure that, even though it was going to be a little tight, I could afford the payment range they had me in...they even stayed after hours to get me on the road. Their vehicles come with a 3yr/36, 000mi warranty (find that at another used car lot...) so while you can probably get a vehicle a little bit cheaper elsewhere, they don't leave you hanging if something happens. I have had to take my car in a couple of times for minor repair & I paid my $25 deductible & they handled the rest! They are always courteous, kind, and they go out of their way to be helpful. They basically "own" their own finance company (although it is a separate company) so they are better able to work with you when "life happens". They really want to keep you in your OPERATING vehicle; even if that means they have to help you in some way when it needs repairs. I have never seen/hear of/worked with a company that, while I know they are making a profit & they are making money...that is why they are in business, they still care about their customers & that is evident in how they really work with you & how they never talk down to you because you happen to be in a bad place credit-wise. I definitely recommend buying from this company! They have definitely earned my business for now & in the future...even if I have good credit, I will buy from them if I buy a used car because they have integrity!
    And the reason I gave them an excellent mark on their "price" is because even though I think the prices are a bit high, when you take into consideration all that you get with them...the price is actually more than fair. I cannot speak for other locations of this company, but the Kernersville, NC location is AWESOME!!!

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    Istrene Jul 15, 2016
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    This location promotes fraud and bait and switch sales methods. I went in after my preapproved letter, only to find out my 'deferred payment' was around $2000 with $500 downpayment and then their is their no late policy. I have filed a complaint the KY Attry Generals office and they are looking for more complaints of the same. You cannot bait and switch people with good or bad credit. Folks, complain, file and lets shut them down. File with Ky Attry Generals office, you can file with the BBB(they are not a member -go figure out why) and contact your local rep. There are good places for people to buy with bad credit or trying to get on your feet without ripping you off.

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  • Ca
    Carterchris Apr 21, 2016

    They are a fraud. My son worked for them and they did not pay him his commissions. They are not fair, they lied.

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  • Day one 12min off lot check engine light came on 6/2915
    Called next day went back, after 2hrs told me I had to take car to a mechanic in another city on July 7th after the holiday. Went @ 8am on the 7th stayed there until 4:19p... Was told it was Catalytic converter. OK drove approximately 2m and the check engine was back on. Called the following Monday and was told to bring car in again to JD byrider. When I went in I was told to go into the service dept. Was asked NOT to let customers know of my problems!!! It has been a headache from day one. Fast forward, 2016, after driving for 9 months with chk eng light on I CANNOT pass emissions! NEVER, EVER LATE ON A PAYMENT... Went to JD BRIBER(CROOKS) and all lots have been CLOSED DOWN!!! MIND YOU ALL THIS GOING ON WHILE GOING BACK AND FORTH TO CHEMO😱 Called the 800# was told to take to PEP BOYS... Still paying my payment faithfully!!! They refuse to pay what was requested to pay and mind you I am in Georgia and my car is emissions only for CALIFORNIA!!

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  • Sc
    Schmelley Oct 16, 2014

    hi ! We are in the process of buying from jd byrider... NOW... our vehicle has had quite a few problems, but they are always happy to do the repairs... Our payment is alot ... there are five kids between my husband and I and our budget has never been tighter so I am so worried about when this warranty runs out... where will we be? We also were helped because our car totally broke down and... we wouldn't have been able to get a car if it weren't for these guys... We only had two hundred to start as down and they actually waited for the rest of our down payment until we got our tax check! I can tell you for a fact they do report credit bureaus cause we checked our credit the other nite... my husbands almost excellent now... mine... still is poor but there are a few things on mine from my past...and we have only had the vehicle less than a year... We are praying we can hang in there with this vehicle because we want to build our credit there and buy a home for our family... not living in the best area for our kids at all...! Despite high payment and... yes... we have had some problems(the vehicle is used) we do have a chance at building something better because of these i said.. if we can hang in there:) I know building the credit is worth the payment ... as long as this car can get running and stay reliable for us... (fingers crossed)

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  • I know my interest rate was out of this world due to my credit. I paid on time, every time and then find out they did not report it to the credit bureau. I think they do this to prevent you from getting a different care before your car is paid off.

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  • Ba
    Babyjesus119 Nov 29, 2013

    I truely agree about j.d byrider I got one from Waco tx, and I realized that the interest rate was so high yet they tell u it's because of you not having enough credit. When I drove off the lot and had it a couple of weeks the engine light started coming on so I called then and they said bring it in so I did and all he did was pop the hood and say there is nothing wrong with it . Months later on the day of thanksgiving (28th) of November 2013 I was on the freeway headed toward Walmart and the engine light came on and started jerking a lot nd pulling. When I looked at the dash it said reducing speed and was literally slowing down on its own while I was on the freeway and me as a person was about to get hit by a 18 wheeler and had to pull over and exit. The car turned off and I looked under the car yet oil was dripping really bad. I then open the hood and I say the oil smoking when I raised the cap open and the was a splat of oil on the left side of the motor

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  • Ha
    happycamper1003 Dec 30, 2012

    My experience with JD Byrider... Well I think I might be the only one to say this, it has been awesome!! I got my car from them November of 2011. The salesman picked me up from my home and took me to the dealership. We were there forever!! We went over all the paperwork. He looked at my budget, which I liked a lot !! A lot of times we hear of salesmen taking advantage of people and talking them into getting something that they really can't afford. I was showed two options. I honestly didn't like either one but financially I loved both of them.
    Every time I had an issue with the car it was fixed. Whether it was me coming by to get the signal light changed or to get the oil changed. They would have the car all day but everything I needed done was done without any out of pocket expenses.
    I made my large car payment every two weeks on time. And it is in fact reported to all 3 credit bureaus!!
    I recently had a car accident where my insurance company deemed my car a total loss. JD Byrider has been so great!! They are actually helping me to get another car this upcoming weekend. Did i mention that I moved from one state to another, still made car payments, had the car serviced, and the Byrider where I got the car are the ones helping me into the car in the new state where I now reside!!
    The cons of JD Byrider are of course the large car payments, and not really having the best selection of cars! Other than that it works for me!!

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  • Gs
    gsdfgsd Oct 15, 2012

    JD Byrider is an excellent place to buy a vehicle, they generally care about their customers. They are a valuable resource to improving one's credit while getting them into the quality vehicle that they deserve.

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  • Th
    TheWrongOneToMessOver Jul 13, 2011

    FIRST OF ALL... I would just like to THANK all of the comments and complaints from all the people on J.D. Byrider. I am in the market for a car and they would not stop calling me to come to the dealership and pick out a car. They call everyday as if I'm making the greatest decision of my life. I was going to just bite the bullet and go ahead and get a car from them, but the more I read the worse the complaints got. There has got to be a way for people to sue or get their money back. What they are doing to the people who get cars from there is illegal and just morally wrong. I have an attorney working on the paperwork they gave me to find a loop hole to send them out of business once and for all... THANKS AGAIN FOR THE WARNING... SORRY TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAD TO GO THROUGH THAT SENSLESS MESS AND STRESS WISH I COULD HAVE FOUND ABOUT THEM BEFORE YOU...

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  • Ji
    jinzillo Jun 08, 2011

    Whent with bad credit to buy a car cause needed to be able to get to work ... i was stuck. they swor to help me to make it afordable and to put me in a decent car. the car broke down exatly 200 mile over warenty ... had to fix it outta pocket .. the got hit with a hail storm and the car was totaled the insurance comy only pays blue book they are giving me a hard time about even just paying of my current loan ... i am probly gonna try and press charges if i cant get help from there corprate ofice so any one who has had complaints about there service of there cars who wants to join in im gonna take them down just need proof that im not the only one ... alone we r week together we are strong you can contact me at [email protected] .

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  • Sh
    Sherri A. Jones Feb 16, 2011


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  • Gw
    gworth Sep 04, 2010

    Sounds like my complaint against a different company, some of these company's are [censor].

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  • Ka
    Kate Sep 04, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I dont reccomend that anyone ever go to jd byrider or finance through cnac. they dont listen to what thier customers needs are.they choose to embarass and humilate people. they like to lie and swindle people out their hard earned money!!! not to mention you pay way to much in interest. i would like to tell them to *uck off. i hope that soon this company will go out of buisness or stop cheating good hard working people out of their money. kiss my white behind cnac and jb byrider!!! i want to stop people from wasting their time and energy with these worthless companies

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  • Wa
    Warhawk Jun 15, 2009

    I purchased a Dodge Caravan from them about a year ago. I had very little credit and the a/c had just gone out on my car. My wife and I had our toddlers crawling all over us while the "finance specialist" ran through the contract at 100 mph, he never said what the principal was. They kept us there for six hours with two babies. We were so tired and annoyed we just wanted it over with so we could go home. It was like a police interrogation on an innocent man that ends up confessing. So, I put $1500 down on this van that at the time was worth 3k. I am now paying $357 a month and will do so 27 more times. The total will end up being over 15k, said vehicle is now worth $1200. Now for the fun part, the oxygen sensors went bad recently, they tried to scam me and say it wasn't covered by the is. So they tell me it's ready.. it wasn't they only replaced one so I get there after paying the BS deductible. I start it up and it sputters and reeks of gas. I tell him, he asks me to leave it with him, so I do. They replace the second oxygen sensor and some genius short circuits the ECM. I had to fight with them for a week to get them to pay for it. They say they have to send it to the dodge dealership, before they do they leave it parked out front UNLOCKED over the weekend. Guess what, someone stole my radio and soundsystem. I find this out because I called to ask if the short circuit affected the radio. He tells me about this at 2 pm on Monday, they didn't even file a police report. So a vehicle that doesn't run on its own power was towed out front, where they don't keep vehicles being serviced and left unlocked. The lot has no cameras, the people working there know it has a sound system and I would check on the vehicle and repeatedly found the back door unlocked. I locked all doors before they towed it to the dodge dealership, I check on the van at the dodge lot the next day and the driver door and rear door were unlocked. I still have aftermarket speakers in the vehicle and those doors would need to be unlocked to get to them. I'm convinced it is someone at JD Byrider . DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

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  • Jo
    john Apr 13, 2009

    j.d. buttraper as i call it was a scam they put in junk parts and half the time they just grease the old one just to get the car out of the shop thier biggest one is just turning off the check engine light and hope it dont come back on i worked for these people not even a year and i had to quit due to they have no morals at all stay away their crooks

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  • Ad
    Advocate 4 the people Apr 04, 2009

    I have said this about Ryder in previous post….This company is a last resort for credit challenged customers. They are not required by law to following the same rules that normal dealerships have to follow. Let me explain first of all how they get their inventory. A customer comes to my dealership, a large company, to trade their P.O.S in on a new or certified pre-owned vehicle. I take that vehicle in paying very little for it because of the miles, condition, age etc … and proceed to sell them their vehicle of interest. Ok..done…So as a dealer the question is what to do with this car that I obviously cannot retail on my pre owned lot for liability purposes (maybe the car has a bent frame or salvaged title..something like that). As a dealer that just paid the customer $800.00 to $1200.00 for their trade that I can’t retail out of I have to get this car to the dealer auction. Now….at the dealer auction they have a special isle that they run cars like this through for bidding….this isle is where companies like JD By rider and other “tote your note” or “In-house financing” car lots buy their inventory. Ok…they bought my car….now what?

    They take the car to their lot, covers up the damage (notice I said covers up and not fix), washes and detail it to make ready for retail. They may charge the A/C but not fix the leak…or maybe poor honey in the head to stop the ticking temporally…but never really spend a whole lot of dollars to actually fix the unit. Now this is the ###ed up part…..pricing…..They just bought this car from me for let’s say $1200.00. They make the car available for you to buy for $1400.00 down and $186.00 per week for however many weeks. You..being a desperate customer with no credit, little money and in need of some wheels, go in and drive the car…its drives good..air blows cold and no visible damage. So in your mind you want the car…but are concerned about the $1400.00 needed down. The salesman says “look, I like you. If you do it now I can know $200.00 off the down payment”….you being broke thinks this is your only shot at getting a car so what do you do?? You go ask mama and daddy for the $1200.00. Now you got it. The dealer takes it and you sign the contract for a billon months at the 186.00 a week…..You pay and you pay and pay….oh ###..I lost my job… so you call them to make payment arrangements…long story short you can’t pay for the car and they come repo it. The cycle starts all over again.

    That car that they bought from me for $1200.00 pays for itself over and over and over until someone actually pays that last payment…at that point all they really have is a P.O.S that barely runs but hey….its paid for!

    Point is that if you need a car, have a job and a little down payment you can get a car at a “normal” dealership. You will pay a very high interest rate but on the positive side of things you are building your credit a lot faster than with someone like JD By rider which doesn’t have to report you good pay history to the credit bureaus….and usually don’t.

    Oh…by the way…I think that companies like JD by Rider is what give us in the car business at any level a bad name. Ashame.

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  • Sh
    shame Apr 03, 2009

    I too had to go to JD Byrider because I was in a bad situation. They "claim" to help people to repair their credit. But actually it is the total opposite. They will help you make it even worse. Let me explain. I went to them with no other option (shame on me). I thought maybe this won't be so bad, I can use this to repair my credit issues and get a new start. WRONG!! The day after bringing this vehicle home I noticed it started running louder and louder. So I pulled the report that they had given me and read it thoroughly, and realized that they gave me the wrong report!! It was for a vehicle other than my own...not even the same model! (shame on me again). So a few days later the engine light comes on. Now keep this in mind...even though you have a "warranty" this does not include a rental car! So if you have a job you can think of alternative transportation while they "work" on your vehicle. So I have to take this vehicle in and let them work on it, and pay massive amounts of money to pay for a cab to get to work, and worry about this huge new payment for this heap of over priced junk that I just bought. So even after reading this you still think JD Byrider is your only option, you may want to rethink this, because in the end you will have a large car payment, and no car to drive!

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