JCPenneyexchange policy

My daughter Corinne Bonneville order a pair of Clarke sandal (FC149-6115Q) as a gift on line invoice number number C127-50763 and had them delivered to me at my home 4002 W. Glades Dr in Myrtle Beach, Sc. She bought a size 6 and I needed a size 7. I went to JCP at the Coast Grand Mall and tried to just exchange them for the exact item. I was told that they had to return the item back to my daughter charge card and I had to purchase them because they are to different stores.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Myrtle Beach, SC(One online and the mall) and my daughter could reimburse me for the cost. My daughter use a $10 reward and paid $32.09 and I paid $43.59 store 2989 term 395 tran 2785 date 5/4/17 time 2:08 pm assoc. 0057, because I didn't have a $10 reward to use. I feel this is an awful way to do business being a long time customer. When I order products online from another company and I need to exchange it for some reason I have no problems going to the store where they have all ways exchange the item. BAD BUSINESS POLICY OR PRACTICE AND I AM NOT HAPPY.
Patricia Hanecak

May 05, 2017

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