JCPenneycustomer service

Placed an in app purchase today on Mother's Day and went to change address for check out and app said my order had been placed. I tried calling to cancel it immediately and was on hold for over a 1/2 hour. Had to pick son up from work and hang up. Tried calling back several more times immediately when I got home and was on hold for over 45 minutes. Last time I called was on hold for over an hour and then they disconnected me. Called back immediately again and this time call was picked up within three minutes and the operator said no I couldn't cancel it, it had been 4 hours since I placed order. Well if I wasn't on hold for over an hour it would have been cancelled immediately. Horrible customer service. He said the only thing I could do was go to the store it will ship to(mind you the order want even proscessed yet ), and then pick it up and ask for a refund immediately. Wow and you want my business ? Never ever have I had this experience with placing an online or in app purchase with any other company ever!

May 14, 2017

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