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If you are going to start selling appliances, then commit to it.
First, your store in Sanford Florida does not have someone in the appliance department to answer the phone. I spent 2 days trying to reach someone at the store. Once at the store (1/17/2017) I was told representatives are often moved to another department, leaving the Appliances department void of anyone to answer the phone.
Second, I don't understand, that after placing an order, changes can't be made. At the time of purchase I wasn't sure if my builder already allocated resources for the appliance installation.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Sanford, FL I was advised to purchase the install and cancel if I didn't need it. Well that was a mistake. When I called customer service two days later, I was told that I could not cancel the installation line items on my order because they had not been received; that I had to wait until my order was delivered. Why can't a cancellation be made prior to shipment?
My order is sitting in queue, not to be delivered for 3 weeks, but no changes can be made?
I was told I could only cancel the entire order, that changing only two items on my order was not possible.
This makes no sense to me.
I would like my credit now instead of waiting for 3 weeks and then having to tell the delivery guy to submit my request.

Jan 19, 2017
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      Sep 01, 2017

    We have gone through the exact same thing with the store in Olean NY. We are thoroughly disgusted with the whole experience.

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