JCPenney.about jewler. lots of it

Bought. a lot of jeweler from store had problems with about15 pieces of jewler.Either the neckles would breck or rubys ha ve falling out on two separat times on rings on one ring then earrings back post falls. of before even worn 3necklaces. broke and that is just one of the 3piece jewler .Then there is different watchs that eitaher said. tititenummt. And it turned bronze .Then another watch turned green on wrist .Then two others ones had water get into the glass even tryed to blow dry lightly n try to leave in sun for two days to see if that would help. But then the time. n date eould be off then we have the buy backs which one or two things i didn t want them to buy back .IZ just wanted thise fixed.So do you understand the wait. time on these pices. of jew

Feb 02, 2015

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