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I had to wait in-person 45min just to be told my glasses were not in yet. I went in to see if my glasses were ready for pick up, and the clerk said for me to sign in, which I did. I told her, "I just want to know if the glasses are here yet." And she said 'That is what everyone is here for." As I sat and waited, I noticed that other people were ordering glasses, not just picking up glasses.

after 30min I asked again, and she said I had to keep waiting. After 45min she called my name, checked and told me they were not in yet. I was not happy, and I said, "that is a heck of a way to run a business." She responded with "even children have to wait in line."

she could have just checked quickly to see if my glasses were ready, and if they were I could have waited, if not, I could just have left happily. Or, if they dont want to stop what they are doing to check to see if a customer's glasses are ready, they could have a list of names indicating that the glasses were ready, that is updated each days delivery, and scratch the name off when the glasses are picked up...

What a waste of good will; they did most everything correctly, and the one clerk dropped the ball...

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  • Pi
      Jun 02, 2009

    First off I am not using my real name since I do not want this person I am about to complain about to find out!

    I would like to complain about the Manager Jessica at the Avon, Ohio salon. The last 2 times I have been there when she has been working she has been very rude and unkind toward me, also the sale signs were not up the 2 times I have been there and the employees that ring in the salon do not know how to ring correctly!

    The first time I went there to return something I had a receipt and the stylist that was ringing me out I guess had clicked the wrong item that I was returning and it said this was not returnable so she then called her manager Jessica. Jessica made me explain the situation even though this obviously should have been the stylist ringings job since she had been the one who was having an issue with the register but I explained it anyways. After I explained she asked if I had used it I said I tried it but it was not what I was looking for. So she tried to return the item and it worked, since she clicked the right item but she then looked at me and was like "It doesn't say that it's not returnable" like I was the one who messed up! She should have been saying this to her employee not me the customer!

    A few months later...

    The most recent time I went I did not have a receipt since I had lost it but I did buy it within the last 30 days. I just wanted to exchange it for something that was the same price, so therefore it was an even exchange. So Jessica came to the desk to ring me out and I told her I wanted to exchange my item for something else she asked for the receipt I told her I did not have it. She then "inspected" my returning item which happend to only be a small shampoo and accused me of using it already which I had not, and even if I had if you try it once you can always return or exchange it if you do not like it! So she looked at me before she decided to do the exchange and said I remember you from a few months back you came in without a receipt then too (which obviously I did not otherwise I wouldn't have had the situation I explained above). I said actually I had the receipt then she was like either way this is the last time you are allowed to return something here with out a receipt! I just took my bag and walked away and figured I would e-mail you on here to let you know what kind of person you have representing Jcpenneys!

    Also I want to let you know I happen to work at another Jcpenneys as a receptionist so I know the rules and Jessica did not know this which means if she is treating me this way then she most likely is treating other customers this way too. The only reason I had went to this salon was the first time I had been since I bought it from there and the second time at my salon we did not have the product I wanted so I figured I could exchange it at the Avon one since I was told that they had it.

    That manager needs to learn that you are allowed to return an item (provided that we still even sell that item and its not a year or so old and that you didn't use half of it), to make sure the sale signs are up, that there is someone in the front to take care of customers and good customer service!

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  • Vi
      Dec 17, 2009

    So, because you were there simply to "check on something" you should be serviced first? How about the other people who were in front of you in line? When you go to the DMV just to change an address, or get a new picture, are you in and out in 5 minutes? No, you take your number, wait forever, and when it's your turn, it's your turn.

    The way you put it, since people are there to order a product, they should have to wait until after you, even though they were there first? Though it, perhaps, wasn't the most polite thing to say, she's correct, even children learn patience. Perhaps you needed that slap in the face of a remark. After all, you admit she wasn't rude, in any way, up until you made a snide, out of line comment about having to wait your turn... Good for her. Though you obviously learned nothing, because only an ### complains about having to wait for patrons, who arrived, and signed in, and waited their respective turns, to be helped.

    Oh, and perhaps she did 'just check for ya quick', and then 10 other people wanted the same... well, then that person who was there to be helped, after waiting, now has to be further inconvenienced. How would you like it if she were selling you something and had to walk away from you, numerous times, "just to check something quick" for people.

    Learn some patience...

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