JC Penney Companyterrible customer service

On December 4, 2018 I placed an order to JC Penney for a pendant, order #[protected]. I received an e-mail notice that the package had been delivered. Well, I didn't have any packages on my front door, nor was there one in the mail box, so I immediately contacted JC Penney at [protected]. I asked if the delivery person had left a note. The rep read the note, "Gave to boy." Well that was not my son, nor was that anybody I authorized to accept deliveries on my behalf. The rep advised me to call back and JC Penney would either credit or re-order the item if not found. After asking my sons, neither of them knew of a delivery. I called back a few hours later and the 2nd rep from Lenexa KS started giving me the run around about a billing address. I advised her that has nothing to do with the order because I was once going to have a product delivered to my brother, so that's his address, but that has never been a problem. She wouldn't move forward without my knowing what that address was. I didn't have access to that address so I asked for her supervisor. The supervisor, Sophia from Lenexa, got on the phone with a rude tone and started asking why there was another billing address and saying that I needed to go online and change it. Again, that's never been the issue with several orders in the past. Then Sophia asked if I had contacted UPS and why not. Sophia advised me that I will need to contact UPS, and UPS will need to create a ticket. I asked why, because clearly JC Penney can see what happened to my order as I had spoken with the rep earlier who is the one that told me what happened! Sophia said all she could do was place a ticket. I advised her to do her part and stop talking so much since she is really just trying to pass off the responsibility. She told me I was rude, and that she wouldn't do anything further for me. I asked to speak with her supervisor, Dawn, and she advised Dawn was not there, and that I would need to speak with another Supervisor. I then told her I would just write in. This is such a shame that nothing has been done after speaking with three reps and now I am writing in! JC Penney should not allow their reps to act like robots, but rather they should spring into action to correct the issue at hand before pursuing the wrong issues.

Dec 11, 2018

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