JC Penney Company / seiko watch repair by jcp and misinformation - or fraud

United States

On Sept 26th I asked a (Queens Center NY Mall) JCP rep if they replaced watch batteries (I bought my Seiko several years ago at JCP and left it in a drawer for over a year and it had stopped). The rep said 'yes, but come in the next day because someone would be there who can close the back (she said she did not have the hand strength to close the back of the watch)'. I didn't go back until the 28th. I approached two reps just standing around in jewelry dept and one told me to go to the end of the store and turn left for battery replacement. I saw nothing at that part of the store and went back to them saying I could not find it. They said it wasn't in the store but across the mall there was a place I could bring the watch to. I was insistent that if I bought it at JCP - and another rep previously told me JCP does replace batteries - that I wanted JCP to do it and not some unknown third-party shop in the mall. They said there was no one there and to come back another day. I asked to speak with a manager. After 10 minutes the rep said she paged twice but didn't get a response. I kept waiting and finally the same rep pointed to another rep and said 'she can do it as soon as she finishes with a customer'. When asked, the other rep "Consuelo" said yes she can change the battery and I gave her the watch and she told be to come back in 20 minutes. When I returned she said there was a problem. She showed me the opened back of the watch with a new battery in place and said 'look at the other side, the second hand is not moving and the new battery in'. She had the watch stem pulled out and kept turning the stem back and forth to demonstrate that while she was turning the stem that the second hand was not moving and said ' If you wish I can send it to our repair - they will look at it and will call you with the repair cost for approval before they repair it. I got that call about 10 days ago and authorized a $99.00 repair charge (even though I paid $250 for the watch when JCP had a sale). I asked the caller what was wrong with it and she said 'it just says mechanical', I have not heard anything from JCP since. Now, here's the probable fraudulent issue - FYI, I bought 2 Seiko's from JCP around the same time. The battery operated goldtone is being "repaired" the other, a silver tone (no battery needed-I just shake it) I wear all the time. Today it dawned upon me to pull the stem out of the silvertone one to see if the second hand still moves. "Surprise" when the stem is pulled out the second hand stops moving. So Consuelo was either screwing with me or she really doesn't understand watches. Given what I just pointed out, I want immediate status of my watch and I don't think I should have to pay for the (false) frozen second hand "repair". I will pay for replacing the battery and I highly dispute the alleged repair fee. Attached is the receipt I was given on [removed]. My name, address, and phone number are on the attached receipt. My email address is [removed]. Please give this matter your prompt attention. Thank you. Ronald Migut

Oct 19, 2017

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