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I ordered six LG appliances which arrived 09/05/17. i didn't accept the OTR microwave bc i found it elsewhere cheaper. so the delivery guys made a note of the return on the bill of lading and in their LG systems but I never got the credit on my statement. i'm currently going through major hoops to resolve this and the poorly educated or inefficient customer service people always refer me elsewhere, passing the buck. i had to wait for hours on end holding on the terrible phone system they have. it's utterly ridiculous how long-3 hours on one occasion- customers have to wait. at this point i was so pissed i ended up speaking to corporate. but the ghetto-est "corporate" rep named lindsey gets on the phone and i can tell he's going to be stupid and rude from the beginning. he doesn't sound professional at all. I'm explaining the problem and he doesn't apologize for my inconvenience, then says something unrelated to my problem that clearly means he's not listening to what i'm saying. then he says "uh huh go' head i'm listening, just talking to my co worker about somethin' ". Does the company not monitor these calls???!!! how do they hire people like this? are they paying them anything over minimum wage because this guy sounded like he was hired off the street after a 5 minute interview. To top it off, this idiot sounded like he came straight out the hood. How on earth did they hire his uneducated self? I was raised inner city, so I know his type but education goes a long way to learning how to speak to customers. I have worked with the public for over 30 years and never had a complaint because I treat people they way i want to be treated. but HE had the nerve to accuse me of placing my order in store when i actually placed it online. he actually argued with me over that because he said" it shows right here you placed the order in store". then when i was explaining why that was impossible, since i KNOW where i was when i placed the order, he hung up on me! and this was after 25 minutes of me waiting to speak with a corporate rep. but that's ok because LINDSEY doesn't understand that my mission in life will be to speak to his superiors and complain not once but many times over to corporate in any way possible until they become aware of how he treated me and apparently how inefficient he is at his job that he couldn't take a simple complaint and note the records so that i can get my situation resolved. he didn't even have to do anything else but take down the complaint. now the complaint will be about HIM. I was also promised a 5% extra credit for new customers which i didn't get and no one knows anything about that now but i have the name of the rep and ticket number for the transaction that he placed and notes on my record which everyone sees but claim they can't do antyhing about . he apparently issued a non-invoice credit, what the heck does that mean? i need my credit on my card! i will make a major fuss over my issues, jc penny doesn't even understand that customers count for something. if they understood this they would not hire inefficient epople like Lindsey to answer calls at CORPORATE OF ALL THINGS!

Sep 21, 2017
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  • Ka
      Oct 02, 2017

    I feel your pain. They charged my credit card $1400 and cancelled my order when the delivery people were five minutes from house. They even called the delivery people liars. They are horrible, horrible people. I hope they all get fired.

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